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The number one goal is to have the Mount Vernon store rated 5-stars,
having this rating willl bring back talk and attention for the store.
The store will then also again be recognized as one of the best stores
in the region and can be picked as the best store
in Team Washington once more.
I would also recommend that we work on trying to have the service of the store
be #1 in the Alexandria region.
If the Mount Vernon store could reach this status and be the store with the
best customer service in the city of Alexandria,
we could potentially take customers from our competition.

With the rich history that Domino's has,
I believe that we are not currently living up to our standards.
With this new propsal I know that you will be able to get back on track.
We will get the loyalty from our regular customers and
attract many new customers.
We will shatter ratings in services, sales, and performance.
I will gladly assis in training days and
in providing you with the support that you will need.
I would be honored to work under you in making this proposal a reality.
I hope that you are able to take my suggestions into
consideration as we move forward.
I look forward to hearig back from you about this plan very soon.
Thank you for taking the time into reading this proposal.

I have been working for Domino's since Janauary 2015.
I worked at the Fort Belvoir and Gunston stores,
both managers loved my work ethic and offered me leadership postions.
When I worked at the Fort Belvoir, the store was rated as 5-stars.
I gained plenty of knowledge from the managers at these stores.
I was able to learn all I can to understand.


The film on Kevin Durant as he left Montrose Christian School for
the University of Texas in 2006,
i reflected a talented tennager full of potential.
He had a reach like Strecth Armstong, but no true position.
He could shoot from all over the court
but had to narrow his shot selection to optimize his efficiency.
He could outlep most of the competion,
easily snatching boards thanks to recent growth spurt of
nearly half a foot the previous summer.
His frame, though, was still wiry.

He had all the tools at his disposal-
and an enthusuam for the game that could outlast any shooting slump.
There were a number of mundane basics Durant needed to learn were he
to become the silky-smooth, bucket- getting All-Star,
league MVP and NBA Finals MVP the world knows today:
how to tape his anles, how to strecth properly,
how to build an entire day around the nights game
so his mind and body peaked when showtime came

The education Durant recieved in college was unique,
and- to growing extent- an anachronism in the modern NCAA.
According to Durant, coaches don't seem as interested
or invested in cultivating the deep,
meaningful relationships when the most
elite players are routinely one-and-done.


Every scouting combine has its share
of fascinating quarterback stories,
and the 2018 combine was no different.
Sam Darnold didn't throw.
Lamar Jackson didn't run the 40-yard dash,
though he did charm most people at the podium.

That's what happened to Texas Tech quarterback Nic Shimonek.
Who has gone the hard way to prominence.
The one-year starter transferred from Iowa before the 2015 season
and spent most of the next two seasons
sitting behind Davis Webb and Patrick Mahomes.

Mahomes was the Kansas City Chiefs' first-round pick in 2017
and will be their starter in 2018,
but Shimonel's future is far less defined.
This despite the fact that he threw six touchdowns
in just 58 passing attempts as a backup in 2016,
threw for 3,963 yardds 33 and 10 incterceptions
as the Red Raiders' starter in 2017.

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