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A start-to-start relationship between tasks or activities occurs
when two tasks can or must start at the same time. Although the
tasks start at the same time, they do not have to finish together
that is, the tasks can have different durations. A star-to-start
relationship would be one type of parallel activity that can shorten
a project schedule.


There are five steps to address in order to have successful cost
estimation. First you must define what resources will be needed to perform
the work. Then you must determine the quantity of resources that are needed.
The third thing you must do is define the cost of using each resource.After
that you calculate the cost of the task or activity. The final step is to
ensure that the resources are leveled, that is, not over allocated. `


The concept of expected value provides the basis for both qualitative and
quantitative risk analysis. Expected value is really an average, or mean,
that takes into account both the probability and impact of various events
or outcome. For example, let's assume that a project manager of a consulting
firm would lke to determine the expected return or payoff associated with
several possible outcomes or events. These outcomes or events, in terms
of possible schedule scenarios, determine the return or profit the
project will provide to the consulting firm.

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