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Hey guys, this a pharoh typing right here.
I am the Egyptian king that is coming to conquer Richmond.
Life was hard in the beginning, I had to go through hard times.
I had to learn to write and speak English. I had to make new
friends. I had to get used to this very different culture.
When I came to the U.S.A I felt like a newborn baby.
I had no idea what was going on around me.

Whenever someone tried to talk to me. I used to look away
acting like I can not hear them. Eventhough I could here them
talking, but I had no idea what they were saying.
Oneday everything changed, when I met my friend Mike
who helped me with my English and taught me many things.
By talking to him and trying to practice my English, I
started to have a better English and ofcourse a better life.

After that my life became much better and I was doing
very well in high school. I was in the top 10% of my class.
Having 4.1 GPA. Here I am today at the Virginia Commonwealth
University. I am loving it, VCU is a great school,
I enjoyed my last 2 years and hoping to graduate next December!

Thanks for reading my boring story!


I have met Leonardo Di Caprio once at Cary Street Gym.
Thee best place in the world that you should visit is Egypt.
You can't go back and change the past, but you can start where
you are and change the ending.

The opposite of networking? Not working! haha
You can have everything you want if you will just help other
people get what they want.
My boss told me to have a good day.. So I went home.
I think my Iphone is broken. I pressed the home button and
I'm still at school.:'(

Here's a story: When I was little, I would go on all the time, my friends go on it too.
and they had this game similar to Club Penguin, except it was
called Nicktropli. And if you forgot your password,
a security question you could choose was "what is your eye color?"
and if you got it right it'd tell you your password.
Therefore, I would go to popular locations in Nicktroplis
and write down random user names who were also in those areas,
and then I would log out and type in the usernames as if it
were my own and see which user name had a security question
set to "What is your eye color?" which was most of them.
Then I would go to their house and send all of their furniture
and decorations to my own accounts. And if I didn't want it,
I could sell ot for money.

Small little hacker!


When I was young, my dream was to become famous.
Now adays, all I care about is the well-being of my family
and my college degree.
Life doesn't always give you what you want or at some point it might
give you everything you wished for, so always keep smiling.
My high school teacher Mrs. Sanchez once told me, you will become
very important in the future, you've got something special.

I always believed in myself, I know that I am capable of doing
many things to help my family and the society as well.
As Samuel Richardson once stated, "Spiritual pride is the most
dangerous and the most arrogant of all sorts of pride.
I believe that Humility is the greatest quality a man can have,
and arrogance is definetly the worst!
That's why a lion like will never compare himself to a human
like you all.

I think I am like wine. The older I get, the better I get.
I need new haters. The old ones became my fans.
I can conquer the world, but my mom asked me not to make problems.
I love my mom, I will never love anyone more than her.
My best friend from 1st grade is still my best friend.
This is crazy no body believes me now adays when I tell them
my story with my best friend.
This sweet friendship refreshes my soul no matter how
bad I feel, life is always good!
Thanks for stepping by, have a great day!

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