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Hello, my name is Mondell. When searching for a laptop or desktop computer,
I prefer to shop on Dell's website because they offer financing through
their Dell Preferred Account. I also purchase various accessories for
other electronics from Dell.


Johnson & Johnson was founded in 1886 by Robert, James, and Edward
Johnson. They recognized a need in the medical field to provide quality
aftercare products to patients during recovery. Their vision took the
form of one centralized point of distribution for hospitals and
medical facilities for receiving the medical supplies needed for
day-to-day operations.


Johnson & Johnson is adamant about decreasing the recovery time of
patients drastically to help them live more dynamic, fulfilling
lives. With excess of 50 continuous long stretches of profit increments
added to its repetoire, Johnson & Johnson sets an incredible precedent
for the healthcare industry. Few organizations are poised for the level
of market share that Johnson & Johnson has attained with $70 billion
in yearly income.

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