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Lebron James is the best basketball player of all time. Jordan, Kobe,
and other players awknowledge the fact that james is special. The stats
and achievements show for it. Going to the finals for 8 straight years,
James has shown strength in competing at a high level at all times.
Not only is James a team leader, he is also an impactful role player.
This means if he is not scoring he is passing the ball to earn an assist.

Off the court James is a huge role model to the youth. Throughout his
whole career, James emphasized the fact that kids who grew up in poverty
have a way out. That outlet is sports that can take you and your family
to the next level. Basketball and other sports keep kids healthy and,
occupied without being dragged into peer pressure from surrounding areas.
James also opened up a school in Akron Ohio for the community. This action
alone has shown great lengths of progress in exam scores and attendance.

Overall James is truly leader that understands his true purpose on earth.
Not only is he dominant on the floor but also courages in real life taking
on life challenges like opening up the public school to kids. These
children have shown true interest in digesting the information given
to them knowing there favroite baskeball player is right there with them.
Taking on any and all challenges presented to James, a man who is
currently on a mission.


My favorite food is pizza. The cheese, breading, and sauce is really good.
Papa Johns would usually be purchased without question but the pizza
deals at other places have been getting really competitive. Dominoes years
back offered a huge deal that changed the way we purchase pizzas.
For only 6 bucks you can order a medium pizza with 1 topping. Promotions
like this are not taken lightly in the pizza lover community.

Dominoes over the years gained much popularity introducing deals other
companies at the time couldnt keep up with. Companies like pizza hut and
papa johns took offense to dominoes stealing customers with the $6 deal.
Now both papa johns and pizza hut both offer the same deal and other
promotions to defeat the current competition. This has become a pizza
war of who offers the best pie for the best price. Personal preference
is still ordering a pie at papa johns.

The way this promotion trend is going, pizza compeition will only improve
the product these places are making. Making deals that brings in
customers at a rapid pace is key in the longevity of a bussiness.
If there are no incentives, customers are going to find another place
that gives out a beneficial incentive. Thus, making a company ultimatly
successful over time.


The gym is a very important factor in many peoples lives. Exercising
and maintaining a healthy meal plan can set you up for success. This
is important when keeping up with an important schedule that overtime
will be of benefit to you if you stay patient. Patience is huge when
going to the gym on a consistent basis. It can lead to you stopping if
you do not make it a habit. True results are shown when you put the work

Meal prepping is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
This includes clean eats like protein and carbs that will boost your
health in the long run. The amount of time you put in the gym will not
add up if you are not eating the right foods. Drinking tons of water
throughout the week will also help you digest your food faster.
This method helps with sweating heavy in the gym that will result
in many calories burned.

Overall the gym is a huge factor in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.
Lifting different body parts throughout the week gives time to your
muscles for rest. Rest is key after a long workout that will give you
energy to tackle the next session. Focusing on the development of
certain muscle groups will result in faster results. To earn the reults
we all want we must be patient and consistent.

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