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I plan to study the internet of things which is the connection of everyda
objects to the internet enabling them to send and recieve data. (Kutchler)
so that I can better understand how different devices interact and collect
our data.

This is important because it can help us understand how much information
our devices really have on us and whehter it is a security issue
It is imporrtant to me because I major in information systems
and it is vital that I understand how different devices collect data.

I hope to learn more about how users themselves can control what type
of data that is collected or how all the different devices interact
with each other. I already know the basices of IOT and how they work.


They can be described as anything that can hold access to the internet.
THe security issues include hacking since many people have their whole
lives online including banking and nilling statements.

There aere certain progreams that can use brute force to figure out
people's passwords. There are alos ways people can hack
into webcams and see and hear what people are doing. There are slso
overall many security issues that can be questioned and discussed
Technology only seems to get more and more prominent, as devices
are starting to communicate on their own.

Some devices hae access to everything like Alexa,
which constantly hears whatever it can within its distance.
It is also so hard to regulate these kind of devices can do since
its is such a broad subject and connected devices to the internet
does not fit into any one category.


Technology ranges from medicine to personal use. There have been companies
that have warnings in their terms of service of the type of data they

However, most users do not go through terms of service of the type of
data they collect. However, most users do not go through terms of
service and have no idea where there person information is going.

I have personally have had a pretty bizarre experience with it. I was
purchasing ice cream with my friend and didn't even say out loud or
type in my phone what brand I was buying. Then within 2 hours I was
checking my Instagram and an ad for the same brand and flavor I had bought
opped up

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