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Mine own professeth'r f'r Info 300 is Mr. Saund'rs. The projecteth I am
w'rking on is the Hand on Linux projecteth. This is Fileth I. I am
writing this in Shakespearean English. I desire I doth valorous on this

I believeth I'll doth valorous on this projecteth. I just has't to
putteth in the timeth and eff'rt. If't be true I doth this, then success
shall followeth. I shalt aim f'r success.

Anyways, I desire people reading this und'rstand what I'm trying to sayeth.


Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, in sea prima admodum. Ex nam suscipit
scaevola consulatu, quo dolor mollis veritus et, eius maluisset
pertinacia eu duo. Mei enim vide doming te, nam mundi consetetur ex.
Cum ut minim nemore similique, dictas fierent scriptorem id pro, eros
veritus nam cu.

The aforementioned paragraph above is filler text (i.e., mostly
nonsensical text used to show text for testing, show fronts, among
other things). The language in the aforementioned paragraph is
Latin--some of the text makes sense (others, not so much). Anyways,
here's some more (it doesn't start with "Lorem Ipsum" though):

Vocent perpetua mea in. Id fuisset definiebas sed. Vis cu consul debitis
signiferumque, nullam moderatius ei mei. In mea sint dicant, cu decore
prompta facilis vis. Ei mea consequat efficiantur, vim summo facilis
appellantur ut, mazim deterruisset ex nec.


Hello, World!
Hallo, Welt!
Hola, Mundo!
Bonjour, Monde!

I said "Hello, World!" in 4 different languages--English, German,
Spanish and French. "Hello, World!" is a the most simple computer porgram
used.  It's used to show the basic syntax of a programming language.

Anyways, enough of this technical stuff.  The date, as of now, is
11/19/2019. From 2014-2019 Mauricio Pochettino was the manager of
Tottenham Hotspur. Today he was sacked. I am sad. I wish him
a prosperous future. I look forward to the future of the club.

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