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After Michigan's governor announced the state will stop providing
free bottled water to residents to Flint - afflicted four years ago by
lead-tainted drinking water-churches and charities said Monday they're
bracing for a surge in people seeking help. Normally we give out whatever
a family wants, said Bill Qurles, a deacon of the First Trinity Missionary
Baptist Church. But now we may have to limit that until more supplies come
in. The church has been handing out bottled water for the past three years
and typically sees about 100 to 200 cars a week.

With fewer resources for residents, First Trinity isn't sure what
to expect when the cars come through beginning Tuesday. Much needed
donations from Fort  Wayne Indiana, and Baltimore, Maryland, aren't
expected at the church until the weekend and contributions have already
been dwindling as water crisis no longer grabs daily headlines. The country
thinks that the water is fine, Quarles added, but theresidents and the
city of Flint do not trust what's being said.

The states decision to close the four remaining bottled water
stations comes as Gov. Rick Snyder said Friday that strides have been
made to reverse the high levels of lead that were found in the water
supply. The city's water has tested below the federal lead and copper
limit of 15 parts per billions (ppb) for about two years, state officals
said. Levels of 4 ppb were recorded in Flint during the first three months
of 2018.


It has come to my attention that fynds are low, and the cost for
building a new business in today's society is far too difficult to stablize
and compete financially. With a competitive market, and stock prices for
certain markets fluctuation at all time lows, I would like to suggest an
alternative option for business growth and development. Cryptocurecy has
been around for almost a decade now, andn te market, and lucartive one at
most, this market may be beneficial for the long run. This new platform
opens up a whole new dimension to marketing itself, and may even become
more valuable than the dollar.

I understand that your company has withheld ages of financial
growth and stability since the market crash of 2008, however I believe
that with this new alternative, with cryptocurrency, the company will be
able to gain a competitive advantage within the digiital world in which we
live in today. As technology expands, it is important for a company to
follow suite, companies that have failed to comprehend the important for
a company to follow suite, companies that have failed to comprehend the
importance of this fact hace been varying from giant companies, and local

Business and corporations that have failed to venture and take
risks into adcanving into the digital world have either fallen to
comptetion, or have become lost over time. Even giants within the market
have fallen, for not advancing with the time. As David Usborne, business
analyst and journalist for The Independent, puts it, "Even before film
began to fade, other manufacturers, notably Fuji, were nibbling at the
company's dominance: at the 1984 Olympics it was Fuji that supplied the
offical film, after Kodak declined the opportunity.


Lakeith Smith was 15 years old when he went along with four older
frineds on a burglary spree. A neighbour called the police when the group
went into a home in Millbrook, Albama, and the responding officers
surprised the teenagers as they were coming through the front door. The
group turned and fled out the back door, and a shootout ensued. When it
was all over, 16-year-old A'Donte Washington was dead with a bullet wound
to his neck. It's never been in dispute that a Millbrook police officer
shot and killed Washington - officer-worn body cameras captured the fatal

A grand jury declined to charge the officer, finding that the
shooting was justified. Instead, Smith was charged and found guilty for
his friends murder. Last week, a judge sentenced him to 65 years in
prision. UNder Alabama's accomplice liability law, Smith is considered
just as culpable in Washington's death as if he had pulled the trigger
himself. "It's sad in my opinion," says Smith's defence lawyer, Jennifer
Holton. "The cause of death was the officer's action."

Albama's law is an example of so-called felony-murder laws and
they are very common throughout the US-only seven states do not have some
type of law that expands the definition of murder to include an unintenen-
tional killing in the course of committing a felong. These laws also sweep
up accomplices who, again, may not have directly caused harm, but were
still a party in the felony that preceded the death. While rooted in
English common law, felony-murder is a rare concept outside of the US.

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