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Lionel Messi has made it clear that he wants to leave Barcelone and Join
Manchester City. The Aregentine superstar has grown tired of the Spanish
club's failing in the champions league and is eager to work under Pep
Guardiola once again. However signing Messi will not be easy, with the
33-year-old still having one year left on his current contract at
Barcelone with a release clause of 700 million Euros

City's hope is that Messi's camp can negotiate a deal which would see him
leave the Camp Nou on a free transfer. Were this to happen, a move to City
would be firmly on the cards and the English giants have already agreed on
financial terms with the Argentine.

As reportede by Duncan Castles for the daily record, City's owners and
Messi have agreed terms on a five-year deal worth a staggering 700M euros
the same amount as his release clause. This offer would see Messi spend
three years in the premier league with city and the remaining two years
with New York City FC, who are also owned by City football group.


The first generation of foldable phones arrived last year, and none was
more talked about than the Samsung Galaxy Fold. It was the first
mainstream foldable phone to go on sale globally, and while samsung faced
some challenges with the intial build quality, it quickly addressed those
with a revised edition, and that device was generally well recieved.

While the original Fold was an exciting product, it had its share of
issues with features and design, in addition to the aforementioned
problems with its build. With its successor, it appears that Samsung has
taken all the complaints on the board and has come up with a product
that's better in almost every way. except perhapts for its name.

The Smasung Galaxy Z fold 2 is set to start at 1,999 dollars. We've yet to
learn the price of the phone in Australia or the UAE, but we're hoping
to learn more details soon. There's also a seperate limited edition
version of the phone called the Thom Browne package that is set to cost
3,299 dollars.


It's time to say goodbye to the Macbook Pro as we know it. With the
introduction of ARM processors for the Mac platform, the next flagship
laptop from Apple will have new chips, a new board design, new screens,
innovative hardware updates, and more. It will still be called a Macbook
Pro, but it will be leaving countless users behind. How will Apple manage
the current Macbook base while pushing forward with something radically

The historical move from PowerPC to Intel saw apple support the older
architecture for four years. Is four years of support for an Intel machine
purchased in 2020 enough? Given macOS catalina supports Mac machines from
2013, I think the answer is no. Of course right now the only Macbooks in
town are Intel-powered Macbooks. Apple is planning a small update to its
largest laptop. Whether the move from Intel's ninth-generation chipset to
the tenth-generation is enough to bring more users to a platform arguably
near the end of its lie remains to be seen.

So, if this speculation is right exercise caution as ever around anything
from the rumor mill. We are liekly looking at 10th-gen Intel processors
and beefier GPUs for the Macbook Pro 16-inch, with the facetime camera
being upgraded from 720p to Full HD resolution. Thnaks to the
certifications listed on the website of the Eurasian Economic Commision,
a number of new apple watches and ipads have been effectively confirmed.

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