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Why would she make calls out the blue
Now I'm awake, sleepless til noon

Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
Unless you will
Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
Then play you will
I pray you will

Mrs. So-Fly crash-lands in my room
Can't waste no time, she might leave soon

Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
You will
Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
One day you will
I pray you will

When I grab your neck, I touch your soul
Take off your cool then lose control

Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
You will you will
Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
If you will
I pray you will

I wish this song would really come true
I admit I still fantasize about you
About you

Hey hey hey hey
Don't say you will
You will you will
Hey hey hey hey
Please say you will
For real
I pray you will


I like progdramming a lot.
One day I'm going to drive a Tesla.
These cars are very echonomically friendly.
I want to learn to speak Portugues fluently.
I like all styles of music.
I like to watch anime.
My favorite anime at the is My Hero Acedemia.
The show focuses on people going to school to learn how to be super heros.
My all time favorite anime is Dragonball/Z/Super.
I love Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball Super.
I hate Dragonball GT though.


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