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Once upon a time there was boy named Pat. Pat had a hat and oh how he loved
that hat. He always wore the had and never took if off his head. One day
Somone asked Pat "hey kid how much for that hat?" Pat's respnse was the
hat is not for sale nor will it ever be I love this had old man can't you
see? The old man responded everyone has their price a pile of gold a truck
full of candy I know you're a kid how about I get you and your friends
a bottle of brandy. But Pat was presistant not giving  a inch the old man
was so iritated he could have gave little Pat here a pinch. But neither of
the two were going to give up the sun was setting and the store owner was
about to close up. Pat told the old man no matter what you do the had will
not go with you. I'm done with this conversation therefore we are through.
The old man said but oh please I'm an old man I beg of you my son use to
have a hat similar to that and pulled out a picture see here i'll show you
; Pat examined the picture and surely it was his hat. He asked the old man
" how'd you get a picture like that with my hat?" the old man said," I told
you my son had a hat just like that." Pat said, "Well hey man I got this
hat from my dad maybe you know him he is the coolest of cool dads!" The
old man said, " It would very much please me if I could meet your dad."
Pat said, well follow me and don't you dare think about taking my hat.


My Monday by LJ Williams
Well I start off my day waking up to my alarm 9am sharp. First thing I
do when I wake up is check my messages, check my twitter, instagram, and
my snapchat. After all that is done I think about everything there is that
I am suppose to do for the day. After I conceptualized all my thoughts I
get up out of bed and hop in the shower; I never shower with out my music
so it's only natural that I put my morning shower playist on to get the
day started right. Once I get out the shower I brush my teeth and get my
hair looking right. That's quite a process but once that's complete I make
myself some breakfast. Three egg whites twoo eggs a bowl of oatmeal and
toast. About after the time I finish breakfast it's time for work at the
best place on earth which is the YMCA. At the YMCA I work at the front
desk anyone who come there can expect smiles and great service while I'm
on the clock. Once I'm off work I go to my apartment grab my bookbag and
get ready for my 5:30 Business Statistics class, and can I say how much I
enjoy my professor's magic tricks they are such a delight. I wish all my
professors new magic tricks. When the time for class has come to an end I
usally go back to my apartment and get ready to go to the gym. While at
the gym I hit the big weights because monday is international chest day so
you know your boy has to embarass all the small kids. That was just a joke.
After my gain session in the gym I go home cook my self dinner, watch some
of my favorite shows do any homework I have for the day and then go bed. I
hope you enjoyed My Monday as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Life is short by LJ Williams
Life is short in the blink of an eye you will be old.
It is important that while you are on earth that you do things
that bring enjoyment to your life. There is no point living a life
of misery and pain because life is just too short. If you're not happy with
school or your job then just stop everything you're doing and just take a
second to self reflect what it is that will bring some real whoelsome
enjoyment to your life. After you've done that just go, go and do what you
have always told yourself that you wanted to do visit the places places
you've always wanted to see. I know they say money can't make you happy
and that's true money can fill a void and seem like it is happiness but in
reality it isn't. And I know some of you are saying well what if I want to
travel the world but I don't have money? Well that's a good question, and
my answer to that question is where there is a will there is a way, don't
continue living a repressed life in solitude free your self from your
shackles and like a butterfly in a caccoon be free. Free to do as you
please; free to do things on your own time and not on the time that others
tell you to do so. Rome wasn't built in a day and I sure don't expect you
to find what makes you happy in a day. But like a detective go searching
until you find what it is that you are looking for. And when you find what
is is that truly makes you happy you will know, no one will have to tell
you. You'll just get that feeling where time has stopped and you won't
have a worry in the world and at that exact moment you will have found
true happiness. I honestly have no clue what I'm talking about but go
rams! Go hokies! Go Clevland Cavaliers! Go Boston Red Sox! I would also
like to take this time to anyone reading this to thank my mom it may not
seem like she did much bust she raised the GOAT.

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