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Artificial Intelligence in the transportation industry is no longer from the
ralm of science fiction. Imagine being able to read the news, check your email
or enjoy your breakfast while your car automatically ferries you to your
destination. However, there are also many people who are worried about the
future of autonomous driving. Artificial Intelligence of transportation is a
disadvantage to society because they will reduce safety. Most importantly,
they will not make roads safer for drivers in the next 10 years.

The difference between the driver's actions in different situations and the
robot's actions. several regulations related to autonomous vehicles are issued
in the United states. issues related to accident liability.The self driving car
is not just an automated driving vehicle, it also requires close cooperatuon
with the infrastructur. Not all roads are paved with tarma and have clear lane

In addition to high quality highways, there are more general feeder roads,
internal roads, poor country roads, and even dusty roads. There is currently
insufficient test data for such a road. At the same time, reliable autopilot
systems require more stable communications, interaction with road technology.


The basic decision making situations for those who decide to prepare
autonomous vehicles to deal with accidents; esthical and legal liability.
Self driving cars can also use information technology to communicate with
each other, thus achieving better coordination among different vehicles on
the road.

however, since cars are heavy and move with high speed, physics informs us
that they have limited maneuverability and that they often cannot simply
stop. Therefore, even if the car to car communication and the sensorsand
algorithms are all functioning properly, and would be better than current
technology, self driving cars will not always have  sufficient time to
avoid collisions with objects that suddenly change direction.

Safety, liability issues and the ethics of accident algorithms for self
driving cars are the significant problems that need to be faced right now.
however, the depots and autopilot companies will find a way to solve the
problems, but they may not be as fast as people think. it may take a long
time for the autopilot to enter thousands of household, but we are all
looking forward to it!


Most of the houses in Virginia have front and back yards. Planting flowers
and the grass looks beautiful, but how can there be fresh and organic
vegetables to eat? many people who love to grow some vegetables and fruits
in the backyard to satisfy the dream of eating healthful and the freshest
food in their garden.

In fact, you do not have to need a large garden to grow vegetables. Many
vegetables and fruits can be planted in flower pots, on the balcony or
indoors. They do not take up space and are easy to grow. Be prepared for
all kinds of gluttonous snacks. if you have the same heart as a small
farmer like us, then welcome to discuss vegetabke growing skills in urban.

The Huang Urban Farm is all about urban farming. We do not just talk about
urban farming. we actually make our living at it. Huang is the owner of
Huang's Urban Farm, a commericial urban farm based in Richmond,VA. Follow
us and we will take you on a tour of our farm, what we grow, how we sell
it, and demonstrate best practices in the real world of commercial urban

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