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Is a constitutive element for all modern societies in two respects,
namely, in an economical-structural and in an ethical-moral sense.
Enlightened liberalism secularized and integrated
the Christian masochism of suffering. The Protestant work ethic thus
found its place.After the end of state socialism, capitalism has turned
the well known. Marxist metaphor of the undertaker into its opposite and
integrated it
into its own ideological repertoire. But, in claiming to bury the Marxian
Theory once again, the official academic sciences certainly have the
wrong body. Marx’s work represents, according to its actual meaning, a
negative theory of breakdown rather than a positive theory of "socialist
development, " though it had been exploited for the legitimation by the
bureaucratic dictatorships of state socialism. Hence, the Marxian logical
and analytical framework is the theoretical projection of capitalism and
its development up to its mature future state of crisis.


Ideological instrumental use, in the service of a catch-up modernization of
the capitalistically lagging periphery of the world market, has obscured
this theoretical core entirely. Of course, this was not merely a matter of
error within theory, but it reflected the course of real history: the
characteristic of the twentieth century was indeed not the substantial
crisis of the capitalist mode of production, but the crises of the
historical unevenness which followed from the global disparity in
capital-power and productivity within the system itself.


It was, so to speak, the right of the historical laggards to use an
oversimplified and crumbled Marx as a legitimating carrier of ideology in
order to be able to eventually figure as independent participants in the
bourgeois universe of the world market, capable of satisfying the
consumption demands of their population. But this attempt inevitably was
doomed to failure because of the criteria within the logic of the system,
despite the widespread belief that it could be tamed through negotiation
by the state.

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