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Today I had a presentation in my communications class. I presented a
powerpoint on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It was very
entertaining to watch my classmates gasp at the fact of robots taking
over basic human jobs.

I played a video of a Boston Dynamics humanoid robot portraying human-like
tasks. My professor said the video scared him and the idea of robots are
terrifying to him.

I ended my presentation by asking if they thought we could be friends with
robots. After my presentation, a classmate came up to me and said he
thought my presentation was cool.


This week, I have a total of 4 exams. It is so stressfu and annoying and
I cannot wait for this week to be over. I'm glad I got my FIRE 311 exam
done and my systems test done. The semester is finally almost over.

I've been meaning to go to the gym this week and haven't gone yet.
I'm definitely going to go tomorrow morning as most of my heavy workload
for this week is done. I can't wait to be in shape!

I'm really jealous of all the freshman who live at GRC. They do not
deserve to have a gym in their dorm. Cary St. Gym is literally right
behind them. Freshman should not be that lazy. They need to walk
to the gym.


I'm going to Virginia Tech next weekend to watch Avengers: Endgame with
my best friend because it's his birthday. I'm so excited!

I get out of class at 6:45 on Thursday and am leaving right then.
It's a 3 hour drive to Blacksburg so I should get there by 10:00 or 10:15.
I bought us tickets for the 10:30 show so I hope I make it in time!

We have really bad front-row, neck-breaking seats. I don't even care
thought because it's Avengers: Endgame! Who could be mad about that?

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