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That little interaction encapsulates Rooney pretty well - his footprint as
a player and a celebrity is nearly unmatched in global soccer, ye he has
always seemed to rage against the elitist, soulles attitude that so often
accompanies that post. His semi-anonymous life in D.C., largely out of the
glare of the press and adoring public, served him well.

34-year-old Cristiano Ronaldo has scored 99 goals in 164 appearances for
Portugal, adding to his standing as Europe's top international goal-scorer.
Only Iran's Ali Daei has scored more goals in world football with 109 -- a
landmark now surely in sight for Ronaldo.

Tottenham have sacked manager Mauricio Pochettino after five years in charge of
the Premier League Club. Spurs have made a dissapointing start to the current
campaign and are 14th in the Premier League. It is believed that Jose Mourinho
is a strong contender to replace the Pochettino.


"I could walk down the street here," Rooney said just before he left the
states last month. "It's more about the actual people in the street. In
England, it's almost impossible to do anything, where here I can walk to
the supermarket to get some food, I can go and sit in a coffee shop and get
a coffee. It's small things, but it's a huge difference thatn what I've
been used to. No doubt it's been nice to be able to do and relax with it.

Musk has described the futuristic Cybertruck as "Blade-Runner-esque" or like
"anarmored personnel carrier from the future." It's a feature that may or not
fly among consumers accustomed to traditional Ford Motor Company or General
Motors Company.

Tesla is set to bulk up the world's largest lithium ion battery. The system
will be expanded 50% to 150 megawatts, according to an announcement from Neon


Walking into southwest D.C. bar Whiskey Charlie around midnight on October
11th, Kidder and her husband assumed they'd be in for a lowkey nightcap, just
one more celebratory drink after watching the Washington Nationals win Game 2
of the National League Championship Series. Kidder, though, got far more than
she bargained for. Over the next three hours, she and her husband ended up
sharing drinks and conversation with one of soccer's most high-profile

Thierry Henry chose Montreal Impact because he said that "if you take the best
part of Europe and the best part of North America, you're arriving in
Montreal." Henry hopes to bring his passion and motivation for both the city
and the game of soccer to the young players.

It is rumored that Mauricio Pochettino is now looking for a new club after
being sacked as Tottenhams club manager. It is possible that he may be sought
after by the European elite circle which includes, Manchester United and PSG as
the front-runners.

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