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My name is Keon Earl Haywood, I was born August 26 1996 to a mom and dad.
I grew up in Richmond, VA, but now I reside in Henrico County.
I earned my AA in Business Admin. and I plan to earn my degree in IS.


'But on Monday, a user started a thread on the ResetEra forums linking to
a Microsoft Story Lab project about the company's sustainability
initiatives. he thread, which began to pick up steam on Monday, suggested
Xbox had produced 825,000 carbon-neutral Series X consoles. This is not
true and it comes back to Microsoft's Story Lab project.

The project includes a slide featuring an image of the Xbox Series X, next
to a claim "Xbox has created the world's first carbon-neutral gaming
console -- actually, 825,000 of them."

But the statement, and the image used to represent it, are misleading.

Xbox has created 825,000 "carbon-neutral" Xbox consoles, but this has
nothing to do with the Xbox Series X. A Microsoft spokesperson told CNET
the pilot program "was conducted with Xbox One X consoles."'

No, Microsoft has not made 825,000 carbon-neutral Xbox Series X consoles
- Jackson Ryan


TikTok has chosen a bidder for its U.S., New Zealand and Australian
businesses, and
it could announce the deal as soon as Tuesday,according to people familiar
familiar with the situation.

Microsoft, in partnership with Walmart, and Oracle are the two top
contenders. The sale price is expected to be in the range of $20 billion
to $30 billion, CNBC reported last week.

However, even though TikTok has selected a bidder, the deal could be
slowed  or derailed by the Chinese government, which updated its
technology export list on Friday to include artificial intelligence
technology used by TikTok. TikTok’s Chinese parent company,Bytedance,
said over the weekend that it would need a license from the Chinese
government before it can sell to a U.S. company.

TikTok deal to sell U.S. business could be announced as soon as Tuesday
-Steve Kovach and Alex Sherman

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