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I have decided to do my topic on Internet Service Providers
and there impact in the market place.
I have gone looked up some research in order to find the best companies
to do my topic on. What I found was the top leading brands such as
Comcast Cable which held 21.6% of the market

AT&T held 17.2% of the market
Time Warner Cable held 12.1% of the market
Verizon held 9.4% of the market
Lastly Century Link held 6.3% of the market

There are other smaller companies that have an impact pm the market
such as Cox, Direct Tv and AOL,


Internet Service Providers give clients access to the INternet
through telephone connections as well as permenant connections.
I will give you a brief history report on how ISP's were created
and centralized

Here is a brief summary of the history and development of ISP's
Before there were ISP's the internet required some type of account
from a unniversity or goverment institution and prior knowledge of Unix.
Starting in the early 1990's the Internet allowed commercial traffic.
There were four centralized access points located in D.C, San Franciso
New Jerser and Chicago. There access points were controlled by World Com,
Pacific Bell, SPrint and Ameritech.

As the traffic grew the access points became highly trafficed.
Therefore, more of the major telecommunication companies began building
their own faster Internet Service.


Interesting Facts about ISP's

in the late 1990's there were up to 10,0000 ISP's around the world but
they were mostly locally serviced and relied on access to regional and
national ISP's for wider connectivity. At the time one of the bigger
companies that smaller ISPs relied on was America Online (AOL)

AOl had origanlly started as a dial-up information service with no
internet connectivity, but made a later transition later on in the 90's.
It became one of the larger service providers which acclamated up to
more than 25 million subscribers and branced off overseas into Australia,
South America, Europe and even Asia. While this was all going on overseas
different countries where first experiencing locally owned ISP's
from back in the states.

Now ISPs brand and offer different leves of service for their clients for
better connectivity speeds such as download and upload times. Other
different relevant events such as net neutrality has also been brought
up as to what ISPS will embrace for their customers and who wont use it.

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