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Good Afternoon Professor,

My name is John-Joel Ruiz. I'm a senior majoring in information

I am from Arlington,VA. I have 3 siblings, an older brother and 2
younger fraternal twin siblings.

In my freetime I enjoy playing soccer but not so much during quarentine. My
biggest procrastination tool is probably Youtube. I like watching random
videos from cooking to soccer to tech videos.

I'm enjoying this class so far. Its a lot of reading but I enjoy the aspect
of producing and hands on. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn about
IT infrastructure.


Quick Update:

I got a job at VCU as a Jr IT technician so I'm excited to start there. If
anyone has any tips let me know.

I am looking to gain experience as this is my first real job that will
benefit my learning and degree.

I know there is a lot of stuff I still am yet to learn and am inexperienced
in but I'm looking to change that as much as I can.


Since I'm listening to music at the moment I thought I'd send some
suggestions. I'm hispanic so I'll definantly recommend a lot of songs in
spanish but I would recommend them to anyone if you like up beat music and
just want to dance a bit.

Por Mi Reggae Muero 2020: Yandel feat. Anuel AA

NO MANANA: Black Eyed Peas feat. El Alfa (black eyed peas are still alive)

Gifted: Cordae feat. Roddy Ricch (not spanish)

Hope you give them a listen.

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