File1, 2, & 3 for jronning:


Typing on a blank screen can be very therapeutic. The more

words you type, the easier it gets. You don't even have to

type anything meaningful. Just fill the screen with

whatever pops into your brain at the moment. Sort of like a

river that just flows along gently, just let the words

trickle out one by one. Eventually, you will reach a

stopping point. Once you get there, you can turn around,

survey your work, let out a nice sigh, and hit ":wq" to save

your progress. On to the next file!


Thanks for viewing File 2! File 2 is going to be just a

bit different than File 1. Yes, it is still the same

concept: words typed out on a screen jumbled up in a way

that may or may not be understood by a reader. But File 2 is

new and File 1 is old. Just wait until you get to File 3!

File 3 is going to be all about... well, I don't want to

spoil it for you. Just wait and see!


The long-anticipated File 3 is finally here! You no doubt

are having difficulty bearing your excitement. Well, File 3

is the culmination of what File 1 and 2 have been building

up to this whole time. One might even call it "The Grand

Finale." That might be stretching it a bit, but I like the

sound of it. What can you expect from File 3? Not too much

other than a few words here and there typed out rather

carelessly just to ease the mind a bit. Typing can be quite

therapeutic. You should try it for yourself sometime....

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