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The best thing about investing strategies is that they're flexible. If you
choose one and it doesn't suit your risk tolerance or schedule, you can
certainly make changes. But be forewarned: doing so can be expensive.
Every purchaes carries a fee. More importantly, selling assests can crate
a realized capital gain. These gains are taxable and therefore, expensive.


Even though you don't need alot of money to get started, you shouldn't
get started if you can't afford to do so. If you have alot of debts or
other obligations, consider the impact investing will have on your
situation before you start putting money aside.


Figure out what your risk tolerance is. This is normally determined by
several key factors including your age, income, and how long you have
until you retire. Technically, the younger you are, the more risk you can
take on. More risk means higher returns, while lower risk means the gains
won't be realized as quickly. But keep in mind, high risk investments also
mean there's a greater potential for losses as well.

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