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Patrick Mahomes is the number 1 candidate
for NFL MVP of the year. He has thrown over
3,000 yards and 37 touchdowns to secure the
Kansas City Chiefs a record of nine wins
and only two losses.

His former teammate, Alex Smith, is
nonetheless surprised by Mahomes'
progress as he has moved on to the
Washington Redskins. In only nine games,
Patty has thrown for 2,907 yards and 29
touchdowns with seven interceptions.


The Los Angeles Rams have also become an
unstoppable force having been led by Jared
Goff. The California native has thrown over
3,500 yards and 26 touchdowns with 6
interceptions to lead the Rams to a record
of ten wins and only 1 loss to lead the NFC

Todd Gurley, another close MVP candidate
along with Patrick Mahomes, is leading the
league with 1,043 yards and 13 touchdowns.
Hailing from Baltimore and representing
Georgia Tech, Todd Gurley the Second has
made his case in putting in the a healthy
number of rushing yards from behind the
line of scrimmage.


The New Orlean Saints are making their case
as the best team in the National Football
League with a record of ten wins and only
one loss. They have taken down other
powerhouse teams like the Los Angeles Rams.
Drew Brees has been underrated by
competitors and critics alike.

Drew Brees has always been looked down upon
as his height of five foot eleven is
considered short for the quarterback
position. Having thrown for 3,000 yards and
29 touchdowns. With his coach Sean Payton,
the New Orleans Saints have solidified
themselves as one of the best teams to ever
play the game.

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