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GPS stands for global positionsing system, it is very versatile and can be
found almost anywhere in the world to find any location in the world.
They can be used for military applications to locate crews, but also they
are used around the world by civillians whether it be to find nice places
to visit or food spots that you have never tried before.
Some of these GPS applications include waze, google maps, and for
military they use NovAtel. These GPS applications help to locate certain
buildings, areas, or even people if necssary.


The idea GPS was first thought of back in October 4th, 1957 where
scientists found that satellites could be tracked from down on Earth by
receivers on the ground and seeing those recievers distances from
satellites above. in 1959 The Navy built TRANSIT which was a satellite
navigation system that was used to locate submarines, which in turn gave a
pathway for GPS systems and applications today. In 1963 The Aerospace
Corporation set the GPS concept used in today's world. Military launched
NAVSTAR, a GPS satellite system. By 1995 the GPS was complete.


Today GPS applications are used in many ways but locating positions,
military use, and gathering accurate and timely information. As we know
most civillians use it to get to and from a place they don't really know
but things are always happening in the background or behing closed doors.
GPS have they're many uses and can be helpful to anyone in and around the

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