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Something I'm super passionate about is travel.
Three years ago I set out on my own to travel Southeast Asia by myself.
In those couple of months I made many friends from all over the world,
ate new food and learned about so many different cultures. Now travel
is something I set out to do yearly. Before I start my future job next
Septmeber I am going on a Eurotrip and I'm so excited! Some cities that
are on my list are Portugal, Barcelona, and Prague!


Currenlty I have traveled to 20 countries and counting.
In my journey I have become an avid scuba diver. Getting my scuba
license, I am now a certified Advanced Open Water diver with
a speciality in deep diving to over 40m. Hopefully in the feature
I am hoping to become a dive master: who is an guide underwater
for those with lower certifications. Some amazing animals I have
seen are manta rays (my favorite), sharks, turtles, all kinds of
rays and plentiful of fishes.


Now let me tell you about my dog AKA my best friend. Her name
is Anastasia, Ana for short or bananna (shes actually doesn't like
bananna's), but she does like all other human food!! I adopted her
when she was just a couple of months, someone was selling the cutest
thing on earth for not a lot and of course I took her and ran. Now,
she's the most spoiled dog on this planet who wines if shes doesn't
get at least 2 walks a day or if I stay in bed too long.

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