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Ever since gaming consoles hit mass production and popularization in the
21st century, PC gaming has been considered as the 'elite' way to game,
but why is that? When compared on the base-level, gaming consoles and
gaming PCs are just computers. Each system has their own proprietary
operating system and peripherals, but both allow users to enjoy video

There has been constant bickering between PC and console gamers on which
platform is superior. PC gamers see themselves as superior because they
can reach much higher graphic fideltiy, systems are upgradeable, and have
a higher variety of games to play. Console gamers find themselves superior
becuase it is much cheaper to get into console gaming and have exclusive
games which do not get released on PC.

Even though these gaming commnunites have their differences, the hatchet
between the two should be buried. Differences need to be set aside so
the gaming industry can grow. The two main differences between these
systems are the games offered and the upgradability to that system. These
are some huge differences, but at the base-evel each system is a computer.
Since, each PC gaming system and console gaming system is a computer there
should not be a constant back-and-forth between the communities about
which gaming system is superior.


Growing up I was not able to have any pets because my parents did not
think my sister and I were responsible enough to take care of an animal.
When I was a junior in high school my parents decided we would finally get
a dog. This was one of the greatest things I had heard that year becuase I
had been waiting so long to have a pet.

My parents decided we would get a Shiba Inu which is a japanese breed
which kind of looks like a mini wolf or fox. We named him Kekoa because my
family spent 8 years living in Hawaii. He will be turning 7 this year
which will make him older than me in dog years. He was a very nice pup
when he was young, but has grown up to be snobby and wants things done his
way or not at all.

Two years ago my family chose to get another dog to accompany Kekoa when
nobody is home. We ended up getting another Shiba Inu, but this time we
got a female and named her Leilani. She is very cute and super sweet, but
wants attention at all times of the day. She may not be the sharpest tool
in the shed, but she listens unlike Kekoa.


Not many people have not had the privilege to travel outside of the
country, but since I grew up in a military family I was able to travel
outside of the country on one occasion. My dad was stationed in South
Korea from January 2015 - June 2016, but the rest of my family did not go
with him. So, in August of 2015 we went to visit my dad and I got to
travel internationally for the first time.

I just want to note that on international flights the food served is much
better than the food served on US domestic flights. Our trip lasted two
weeks; we spent the first week in Seoul and the second week in Pyeongtaek.
While in Korea, I ate a lot of food, saw a lot of places, and got stranded
in the middle of the Korean freeway.

There are plenty of places to eat in Korea. Most resturaunts are fantastic
because they use charcoal grills to cook the meats. Also, McDonald's in
Korea serve shrimps burgers; which I heard are actually pretty good. Be
sure to roam the streets and eat some street food because it is some of
the best food you will find.

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