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Freedom” is the 10th song to Beyoncé’s culturally striking and
controversial visual album “Lemonade.” This songs brings the album
to its climax with the scenes of “hope” and the features of the
mothers of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and Eric Garner with photographs
of their sons who were fallen victims to police brutality against African
Americans. After songs in which Beyoncé talks about her self-healing
throughout her stages of grief from anger, bargaining, to acceptance,
Beyoncé gives us a song that reveals the deeper meaning of her work in
this album. She’s joined by African American artist Kendrick Lamar who
drops a fiery verse in which he addresses institutionalized racism.
It is significant that Kendrick Lamar is featured in “freedom” as his
last album “To Pimp A Butterfly” spoke about black empowerment and
his song “Alright” became a major anthem of the Black Lives Matter
movement. “Freedom” is an African-American anthem that addresses the
struggle of the black community throughout History and in the present
such as the lack of opportunities that black women have , social
inequality, and judicial injustice.

Kendrick Lamar who is a strong supporter of the Black Lives matter
movement  first addresses the judicial Injustice that affects African
Americans. However, he then looks at the bigger picture of social
injustice against African Americans throughout  History. Kendrick
raps: “Stole from me, lied to me, nation hypocrisy,” which could be
interpreted to mean that America stole the dreams, freedom, and lives
of thousands of African Americans through slavery and segregation.
Kendrick, who is a descendant of those slaves, believes he was lied to
with the promise of the American Dream. Kendrick who was born in an
African American, low income community full of crime and drugs, meaning
that he clearly knows that not everyone in the country gets an equal shot
to achieve the American Dream. This message is relevant because it lets
us know that the meaning of “freedom” and the whole “Lemonade”
album is more than the fight for African American Women Empowerment, or
the fight for the Black Lives Matter Movement, but the fight for equality
that African Americans have fought for decades.

The song ends with a quote that Jay-Z’s  grandmother, Hattie White,
gave at her 90th birthday party: “I’ve had my up and downs, but I
always find the inner strength to pull myself up. I was served lemons,
but I made lemonade.” Kendrick Lamar and Beyonce talk about the harsh
realities of oppression and inequality that African Americans have gone
through. However, instead of lamenting over it, they see it as a way to
empower the black community and motivate them to keep fighting for
equality for all.


Today, I did not want to get out of bed because I was very tired. Honestly,
I am just so tired of not getting enough sleep. It would be so nice to be
able to actually get 8 hours of sleep or at least something close to it.
It is not healthy for me to not get enough sleep becuase it affect my
health and the way that I perform throughout the day.

In the past, I was able to take naps during the day. However, this
semester I have been so busy with schoo, work, extra curricular
and it has taken a really big toll on my nap time. Napping is
a way for my to gain back nessecary energy that it need in order to
perform at its full potential.

I am just ready for this semester to be over, so that I can get some
decent sleep. It is getting harder and harder everyday to wake up.
I am not quite sure for how much longer I will be able to do this. But,
I just have to push through and keep on grinding.


This past weekend, I ran the Ukrop's Monument Avenue 10 k. It was an
amazing experience as it was my first time running an official 10k.
It's really nice to feel the atmosphere of the race and how excited all
the runners are to participate in the run. The people who are cheering you
on to continue also serve as great motivation to keep pushing and to keep
on grindin. I had a great time at the race.

Although I enjoyed the race, I wished that I would've prepared more for
the race more. I had a major goal of running the 10k under 40 minutes
which would've earned major bragging rights because it is an outstanding
achievement. I was on track to run the race under 40 minutes. However,
after my well deserved vacation to El Salvador my running got worse due
to the lack of training and my bad diet during my vacation.

Regardless, my time was fairly good despite my lack of training and
preparing. I was able to run the race right at 50 minutes which is
a fairly decent time for a 10k. My next challenge is to be able
to run a full marathon. This will be very difficult but it is a major
goal that I currently have in my life.`

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