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What's up everyone, I'm Ian. I am information systems major and a junior here
at VCU, but I am planning on graduating a semester early since I took a few
classes over the summer.

Currently I am unemployed but I have starded pursuing a side hustle of selling
hip hop beats online. I upload beats on YouTube every single day since I am
trying to gain some exposure to attract more customers to my website.
You guys should definitely check me out at


Throughout my life, I've lived in several different places since my dad is in
the military. Those places (in chronological order) are: Maryland, Japan,
Germany, Virginia Beach VA, Woodbridge VA, and now Richmond VA.

My favorite out of all of those places is Germany. Although I was young, I
have vivid memories of the forests there being covered in snow during the
winters. The only part that I remember not liking was how cold it gets.


The reason I chose information systems as my major is because I have always
been in to computers since a young age. I was always interested in how they
work and how we can develop the future with them.

I also got more in to computers when I got into video games. I ended up
building my own computer and making various upgrades to it over time.
The process of working on computers always came to me as enjoyable so I decided
it's something that I wouldn't mind doing for my career.

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