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The world of the internet is filled with great knowledge and expertise and
almost anything and everything. However as amazing as the internet is, it is
also filled with an endless amount of spyware, malware and what most people
call viruses. A computer virus is a harmful software program that is loaded on
an indidivuals computer without them realizing. This virus then self-replicates
and inserts itself into other files/ programs and infects them in the process.


Statistically, one of the main ways a computer gets infected is when the user
accepts whatever appears on their screen without reading the prompt. For
example, while surfing the web, one may come across an advertisement or a
pop-up that displays that your device has been infected. Without fully
understanding the pop-up, one may accept the prompt and end up downloading
some sort of unique plug-in that may end up harming the device even more.


With any device, many people have come across the "Free" antivirus software
and the big question is "Does it work?" Unfourtunately, numerous people get
sucked into this trap and end up downloading "free" antivirus software and end
up hurting their devices even more. These scammers make money off of the
advertisements and tracking by installing junkware onto the device.

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