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I would have to say My favorite poem is "Fire and Ice" by Robert Frost.
The poem discusses two very opposite ways the world can end: fire or ice
"Some say the world will end in fire,/Some say in ice./
From what I've tasted of desire/I hold with those who favor fire.
But if I had to perish twice,/I think I know enough of hate/
To say that for destruction ice/Is also great/And would suffice."
This is my favorite poem because of its inherent contradiction.
Robert Frost doesn't make a decision about which way the world should end.
This lack of decision is almost captivating. Why can't he choose?
When I pitched the question to myself, I also couldn't decide.

One of my favorite novels is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.
I grew up with this novel and its adaptations because my mother is a fan.
My favorite characters are Elizabeth Benntt and Fitzwilliam Darcy.
As a child, I despised the Bennett sisters and I belived Darcy to be rude.
As an adult, I've experienced their tribulations too and I have a new
found appreciation for them, something I lacked in youth.
My favorite line is in the beginning of the novel that sets the scene.
"A single man in possession of good fortune must be in want of a wife."
This line made me feel posh and adult like reciting it as a child.
As an adult, I feel it's entirely unfair for women and for men.
It implies rich men want wives and young girls should look for rich men.
I've never agreed with such a sentiment.

My favorite quote is one heard from a psychiatrist discussing self worth.
"You are worthy of love, happiness, and everything good, purely because
you breathe."
This quote resonated with me and inspired me to reevaluate everything.
I thought about how I think of myself and of what I'm worthy.
I tell this quote to anyone and everyone who asks me what my favorite is.
This quote keeps me going when others or myself make me feel less than.
Quotes such as these can really motivate people to be their best selves.
I mention this quote because there are no other quotes that can top it.

I mention my favorite poem, literature, and quote to express myself.
Mentioning some of my favorite things motivates me to practice vi skills.
I want to do well in INFO 300 because the skills sets are valuable.
Expressing myself allows me to be creative and show who I am.
Creativity in Information Systems is fundamental, in my opinion.
I've enjoyed doing this project so far. I hope I learn more as it goes on.


I arrived at VCU in Fall 2016 as a Freshman Business Foundations Student.
To say I was nervous would be an understatement.
I had no idea how to navigate society, classes, or extracurriculars.
All of these things had come reltively easy to me in high school.
I was an academic involved in clubs, orchestra, and organizations.
I worked for 4 years to polish my resume so I could have my pick of colleges.
I'd also hoped all that hard work would result in a scholarship.
My hardwork paid of getting me into VCU.
However, I wasn't sure it was enough to keep me there indefinitely.

Classes at VCU proved surprisingly easy, easier than I'd anticipated.
I was able to get myself up, dressed, fed, and packed before 9am Biology.
I'd brought along  about 16 credits with me thanks to the IB program.
I've always enjoyed being in a classroom. I like learning.
Being in a college classroom proved even more fun than I imagined.
I liked blending in with other students, not being in the spotlight.
Still, I learned as well as anyone else and spoke up when I needed help.
I knew I'd likely thrive academically, so my worries about school left me.

Extracurriculars proved advantageous as well as fun for me.
I joined AITP, an organization for my major. The president was welcoming.
I wanted to meet more people in my major. I was the youngest.
I didn't talk to many people initially, but I attended events often.
I was considered the most active member during the Fall 2017 semester.
Being around students in my major was interesting to say the least.
I also joined I Am That Girl, an all-female organization.
They focused on self-love, telling our truths, and being a community.
The president was kind and everyone flocked to her.
Being around all girls wasn't foreign to me.
Being around all girls and bonding with them was a new story entirely.
I ended up getting leadership positions in these organizations.
They have served me well. Hopefully I have served them well too.


Two of my favorite hobbies are reading and writing.
I like reading classic novels such as Oliver Twist, Jane Eyre, etc.
My mother raised me on such literature and I learned many lessons.
Reading classic literature isn't always considered cool, but I love it.
Reading fuels my imagination and creativity, motivating me to write.
I write various genres of story. I write fantasy, romance, and fanfics.
I used to get bullied for writing, so I stopped for a while.
I used to get bullied for reading, so I only read when I really had to.

I got back into reading recreationally when I got to college.
The bullying had stopped and reading was cool again.
I had packed many books to take with me when I moved into my room.
I read whenever I got homesick or missed my mom or stressed from a class.
I started downloading free books onto my phone to read on the go.
Sitting in public places without a book was a rarity.
Being out in public was mandatory, but talking with people was optional.
I would disappear into other worlds and talk with characters.
Reading re-entering my life helped me fucntion at a higher level.
I love reading and I'll never quit it again.

I got back into writing daily after the 2019 New Year started.
I told myself I'd write something non-academic everyday no matter what.
I've written pages and pages of romances and poems.
I use a writing prompt app when I hit writer's block.
Writing has made me more creative. It inspires me to do new things.
When figuring out what to put in my files,I was inspired by writing.
I figured that writing would get me in the habit of working with a file.
I figured it would be helpful working on my brief too.
Writing is a part of who I am, maybe even the best part.
I love writing and I'll never quit it again.

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