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By all accounts, Michael "Imaqtpie" Santana is living every esports
professional's dream. He may have retired from pro-level League of Legends play
in 2014, but his Twitch stream has 1.6 million followers and pulls an average
of 30,000 concurrent viewers, while his youtube channel has more than a million
subscribers. According to Santana's management company Every Influencers, this
huge collective audience generates $2 million a year in a earnings for him, and
that's before you factor in any sponsorship money. This is the type of success
that others in the scene can hardly fathom: after last year's TwitchCon,
Santana's former teammate William "Scarra" Li says Santana treated him and a
group of close friends to the nicest meal he's ever had, complete with gold
plated dishes and a per-person tab that Li guesses had to have run at least

All of this money is made from the comfort of Santana's living room PC, where
he plays League for 10 hours a day in his trademark outfit: gym shorts and
a white t-shirt. The casual look and Santana's long, shiny mane are key to his
broad appeal, but if you watch his stream, it's easy to see the other areas
where he stands out. Unlike other pros who simply regurgitate memes to sound
funny, Santana works them like clay, whether he's spitting Kanye inspired "I
miss the old QT" bars in the middle of a game, or welcoming a new subscriber
into what he calls "The Big Dick Club." That he's legitimately funny is already
enough to set Santana apart from the crowd, but on top of that, he's got a very
particular taste in music, ditching the royalty-free EDM that other League
streamers default to in favor of top-shelf rap from artists like Pusha T,
Migos, and A$AP Rocky. He's laid back, he doesn't get too salty on stream, and
he's really damn good at league of legends.

at 25-years old, those qualities have earned Santana much in the way of
conventional success: a gorgeous house in Silver Spring, Maryland, where he
lives with his long-time partner and fiancee Lisha Wei and their three pets,
Smallcat, Mellowcat, and Dapperdog. But for all that success, Santana sounds
restless, even hungry, when I ask him about the future. "Sometimes I wish that
I could play in the LCS and play some competitive games... I miss that a lot.
Who knows. Maybe one day, I'll try to return to it, but for the foreseeable
future, I don't see it happening.


"Oh my, What a short Poem"

Cool, What a short poem
Like, it's a really short poem
A super short poem
- George Cayetano


Mark Zuckerberg, the billionaire founder and chief executive of Facebook,
faced a much together crowd on the House side of Capitol Hill in his
second day of congressional testimony.

Over the two days, there were nearly 10 hours of hearings, during which
almost 100 lawmakers grilled Mr.Zuckerberg.

While Tuesday's Senate hearing contained tough questions, the lawmakers
were generally deferential to the executive. That was less the case in the
House, where lawmakers repeatedly interrupted Mr.Zuckerberg and chided him
for not answering questions to their satisfaction.

Lawmakers on both side of the aisle on Wednesday pushed Mr.Zuckerberg on
his company's handling of user data. They were particularly focused on the
platform's privacy settings, which put the onus on users to protect their

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