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Everyone my age remembers where they were and what they were doing when
they first heard about the contest. I was sitting in my hideout watching
cartoons when the news bulleting broke in on my video feed, announcing that
James Halliday had died during the night.

I'd heard of Halliday, of course.  Everyone had. He was the videogame
designer responsible for creating the Oasis, a massively multiplayer online
game that had gradually evolved into the globally networked virtual reality
most of humanity now used on a daily basis.  The unprecedented success of
the OASIS had made Halliday one of the wealthiest people in the world.

At first, I couldn't understand why the media was making such a big deal of
the billionaire's death.  After all, the people of Planet Earth had other
concerns. The ongoing energy crisis. Catastrophic climate change.
Widespread damine, poverty, and disease. Half a dozen wars. You know: "dogs
and cats living together... mass hysteria!" Normally, the newsfeeds didn't
interrupt everyone's interactive sitcoms and soap operas unless something
really major had happened.  Like the outbreak of some new killer virus, or
another major city vanishing in a mushroom cloud. Big stuff like that. As
famous as he was, Halliday's death should have warranted only a brief
segment on the evening news, so the unwashed masses could shake their heads
in envy when the newscasters announced the obscenely large amount of money
that would be doled out to the rich man's heirs.

- Ready Player One written by Ernest Cline


The Wine Spectator reports that while the U.S. exported around $80 million
worth of wine to China last year, that was dwarfed by France, Australia and
Chile, the latter two having free-trade agreements with Beijing "which put
them at a significant advantage."

"Current Chinese customs duties for U.S. wines are 14 percent - the new
tariffs increase that to 29 percent. Wines from Australia and Chile are
charged customs duties of 0 percent. According to [the Wine Institute's
Asia Director Christopher] Beros, these countries "have relied heavily on
exports for many years for their entire industries [and] have been
aggressively marketing in China," the Wine Spectator writes.

"if U.S. wines are subjected to higher tariffs when imported into China,
that would have a direct benefit to other suppliers into that rapidly
growing market, especially France and Australia - the two largest suppliers
of premium wines to China," Kym Anderson, a professor of economics at the
University of Adelaide in Australia and also executive director of the
university's Wine Economics Research Center tells CNBC.


Managed Services:

This refers to the ability for the customer to call in to their
data center to make changes to theri network; a card may need to be
replaced in a piece of equipment, a servere may need to be rebooted, or
power may need to be reset, to give some examples.


Where geographically is the data center located? Customers may be
concerned about the location being a secure place where natural disasters,
such as earthquakes or violent storms, are less of a threat. A more
important consideration than close proximity, which can be convienient, is
geographic redundancy and diversity.  The real value of a data center is
having a significant enough distance away from the office so that any
disaster won't impact both the customer's location and the data center.


Data centers have an enormous amount of equipment that draws a
significant amount of power, but will also typically be equipped with
diesel back-up generators.  If there is a power outage at the data center,
a diesel power generator will kick in that can be run continuously as long
as they have a fuel source. Diesel power generators are an advantae that
would be extremely expensive and not a practical solution for customers to
put into place themselves. The type of power used also drives the price. If
a customer has a dedicated rack or cage at a data center, two sources of
power may delivered to it, so that if one fails, the other can take over.

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