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The History of the tablet begins with the Kindle ebooks.
They were small e-devices that allowed a customer to read books on one device.
These devices were really popular among consumers due to its portability.
It allowed users to store thousands of books into one small package.
They were mainly handled by Barnes and Nobles, a book company.
Eventually, Amazon introduced the kindle fire and that became the new rage.
Many companies would try a similar approach to these readers,
but all of them lacked a certain pazzaze feature. That's when Apple tried it.
They introduced the IPad, the supposed Laptop killer, it easily beat the others
with its fancy design and OS, it was the hottest tablet on the market and still
is. ITs posses a useability that the other tablets just don't have.
Its closest competetion was the Samsung Galaxy Tablet which haf a Andriod OS.

Apple continued to improve the IPad with each new generation.
That made it the best selling Tablet on the market, still to this day.
However, it never lived up to the Laptop killer slogan Apple gave it.
This was due to its Operating system. Apple gave it IOS,
However, instead of evolving IOS to fit the IPad, they just did a copy paste.
This limits what the Ipad can actually do, like editing or even basic writing.
Apples device was basically just an enlarged IPhone, that had more sparks.

Microsoft then gave the Tablet an attempt. They came up with the Surface Pro.
This tablet was everything the Ipad should have been.
It was powerful and possesed Windows OS which allowed the user to do everything
a laptop user could do. Microsoft did not hold back with their device,
which was released just a few years after the IPad, it was an actual attempt,
at a laptop killer. Its main hinderence was the lack of ports, it only had
one USB port. To this day thats the Surfaces main problem, but it is still
leagues ahead of Apple.


Google, probably has the best phone on the market currently because of all,
the features you get with it the phone.
That is to say you get free stuff, like google drive storage
and infinite photo storage. They are currently selling the Google pixel 3,
this phone is amazing. It possesses the best camera on the market, and it
looks the best as well. Google has really tried their best with this phone
and it shows. Currently it is the cheapest phone on the competitive field.
Its main competition being Apple, samsung, and LG. However, Google isnt backing
down without a proper fight. They focus on the user experience, instead of
pushing everything they can into their phones. Since they own Andriod, they can
use it more proficiently than other Andriod devices. Meaning they have its full
capabilities under their fingers.

Currently speaking Cameras in devices are everything. People love taking
pictures. Google, has the best camera in the field currently, easily beating
the competition. The Pixel two had a camera score of 92 out of 100,
that beat Apple's Iphone which had a 86 out of 100 rating.
ITs power is also underestimated, hardware working with software seamlessly
makes all the difference. Google phones arent known to lag at all.
People have used them for years without an incident.

LAstly, their chromebooks are a decent attempt to make a good useable laptop.
They are cheap and basically get the job done. However, they do not use
Windows, and that is a main problem for most. The Laptop OS is not the best.
They essentially, adjusted Andriod for a laptop and it has not worked for them.
Google should just move over to Windows and then they would have a decent
attempt to fight in the laptop market.


Microsoft probably has the best looking devices on the market.
There is a sense of fashion that comes with them. Just look at the Surface
Pro devices, they all look out of the future. The only thing that looks better
is the new Ipad Pro model that came out last year. That being said, the Surface
is far more customizeable in terms of specs and accessories. You can change
out the keyboards and mice, as well as the pen that comes with the device.
This can give it a more personal touch. In terms of specs it starts at a
M3 processor with 128 GB of storage and goes upto a I7 processor
with 2 TB worth of storage. Of course this is not cheap, they are like
Apple in that regard, charging premium prices. However, unlike Apple
this might actually be worth the money.

The next device are the surface studio headphones, they cost 400 dollars
but give some of the best sound and bass on the market. They are also
packed with a lot of technology. The headphones can connect to your phone
and are able to use noise cancellation, but they can adjust this to
only certain noise and also to certain levels of cancellation. Best
part of the headphones has to be that they are wireless, with a 40 hour battery
so you can go about your day with no issue. My personal favorite feature is
the connection to the voice assistant. It even allows you to connect ot Alexa
and Siri, so it isnt limited to just andriod devices. This gives it a lot more
appeal to potential consumers.

Perhaps their most expensive device is their desktop computer. Called Surface
Studio. Like the name implies its mainly for studio work, with an adjustable
hinge it can be laid almost flat and atists can use it as a canvas.
This device is incrediably powerful coming with the latest Intel processors
and minimum 1 TB storage. However, with that power comes a 3000 dollar price
tag. Which begs the question, who would want a 3000$ canvas?
Actually not a lot of people, it has not done so well in the selling department
mainly due to that price issue, no one can afford it, definitley not artists.

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