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The first of the three consoles we'll be talking about is the Playstation 4.
It was the first console released back in November 15th, 2013, the competitors
at the time were the Wii U and Xbox 360. That was until later on the Xbox One
released a week later and then the Nintendo Switch on March 3rd, 2017. As of
January 8th, 2019 it's sold over 91.5 million units, with a market share of

The PS4 after that had incredibly huge success, it trumped the Xbox One in
sales, and the Wii U was already failing around this time. Leaving the PS4 the
leader in the console wars for this generation, it was priced $100 cheaper than
the $500 Xbox One making it for many a no brainer on which to pick. Xbox One
mounted a comeback by going back on some of its "extreme" policies even though
now in 2019 those policies are actually becoming the more convenient future.

The PS4 is having trouble against its competition most likely in the
foreseeable future but it will be able to compete very well against the Xbox
One like it did this generation. Because both competitors will have learned es made marketing both consoles in the 7th and 8th generation.   (139)


The next console we shall be talking about in our console wars lineup will be
the Xbox One. The Xbox One was the next console to be released in the 8th
generation of video game consoles. It was a questionable release as it was
priced at $500 due to the forced bundling of the Xbox One with the Kinect.
Which caused the sales for the Xbox One to be quite lackluster.

This led to Sony taking the lead quite early in the console wars race and it
became problematic for Microsoft as they had to re-evaluate their marketing
strategies in order for them to begin to bounce back agaisnt their competitors.

Thankfully Microsoft did the smart move and began reducing the price of the
Xbox One to $300 and $400, while also having fabulous Black Friday deals during
the holidays like $180 or even lower for their Xbox One consoles which has
helped them comeback in the race but the console war could've been a home run
if they didn't have such a rocky start.


Moving onto our last console we'll be talking about the Nintendo Switch, it
came very late into the 8th Generation around March of 2017. It was basically
Nintendo's last attempt to stay afloat in the Console competition as the
Wii U was very lackluster and suffered for it through its poor sales and
reception but with the Nintendo Switch it seems Nintendo has knocked it out of
the park.

What makes the Nintendo Switch so neat is that the Switch is essentially a
portable console with flexible portability. Being able to bring the console
anywhere you go such as in the back of the car playing it with yourself or
alongside friends like no problem.

It basically just makes the 3DS look obsolete with how neat it looks and is a
big reason why it's already making the Pokemon games traditionally on the
Gameboy and DS series transition to the Switch consoles. The Switch also
doesn't even have a huge log of first party games or anything to put it over
the top of the other two consoles besides a few niche games like
Smash Bros. Ultimate being basically the sole reason people spent $300 for the
console. It's continually growing and hopefully this console will make sure
Nintendo stays afloat.

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