File1, 2, & 3 for esvera:



This text is purely a test for using vi to create a file.
We started this assignment in class, and I am following
the professor's instructions and some good ol' googlin'
in order to make this work.

This is the second paragraph of the text. I hope it
is well formatted enough to meet
the requirements set by professor Saunders.

This is the final and third paragraph of the first
File I ever made using vim editor, and after I finish
writing it I will be changing the permissions of the file.


Then, use vi to edit files in your home directory named
File1, File2, and File3, each with at least three well-formatted
paragraphs from a text, novel, article or your own poetry,
prose, or blog. Make each line of text a max of 75 characters
wide. Set the permissions for each of these files to 600,
readable by only yourself and root.

Make a directory named Outlines in your home directory
and edit the topic for your brief on the 1st line of a
file named Brief1 in the Outlines directory.
Nothing else is required in the file for Part 1 but line 2 should be left
empty if there is. The file should be 'plain text', with no HTML.

Set the permissions on the Outlines directory to 700
and the file Brief1 to 600. Check the progress page to
make sure Outlines and Brief1 are in the right place
with the right permissions. The progress page is updated one
second past every minute. Enter 'date' at the command line
to check the time.


If you're not sure, the 32-bit version is generally the safe option.
It will run perfectly well on all processors and on all versions of
Windows that PuTTY supports. PuTTY doesn't require to run as a 64-bit
application to work well, and having a 32-bit PuTTY on a
64-bit system isn't likely to cause you any trouble.

The 64-bit version (first released in 0.68) will only run if you have
a 64-bit processor and a 64-bit edition of Windows (both of these
things are likely to be true of any recent Windows PC).

It will run somewhat faster (in particular, the cryptography will be
faster, especially during link setup), but it will consume slightly
more memory.

No lines are longer than 80 characters, TYVM. Other specified properties aren't being scored automatically at this time so this is not necessarily good news...