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Space is limitless,there is an infinite amount of things.
There is so much we have not seen that may help humanity for the better.
Our society can be advanced in incredible ways we've never imagined. The beauty
and intrigue of space is something that we can all appreciate. Stars, planets
and black holes are all the glorious and mysterious things our universe has
to offer.

A part of why space is so interesting to us is because we are
fascinated with the unknown. As human beings we has an inate fascination
with what is known and unknown. We seek out knowledge everyday and thrive
upon it. We are seekers of intelligence and innovations. Human beings love
the unkown, as well as fear it.

Space can provide alternatives to our living. Planets that may be
inhabitable will be groundbreaking discovery. As humanity strives to
maintain it's existence everyday, space may be quite literally the final
frontier of our civilization.


Kanye West remains one of the most influential arists of this
generation. Every song he makes is unique, organic, and fresh. You can tell
he takes his time with his craft by just listening to it. Each song tells a

My favorite album by Kanye would be My Beautiful Dark Twisted
Fantasy. In this album, Kanye details the struggles of the entertainment
business, as well as the fruits of his success. The part of this album that
makes it so pleasing to hear is the fact that anyone can enjoy it. He makes
it clear that the average listener can achieve greatness with hardwork and

Kanye makes music for the people. He is an educator, a poet, and a
leader. The music he creates is something we can learn from and be
empowered from. The content made by him is timeless, and will solidify him
as one of the greats.


I wonder if I can do it soemtimes
I wonder if I can make it
I'll do what it takes
If it means that I can make it

I'll read all my books
I'll go to each class
I'll do what it takes
If it means I can pass

I'll go to the lib
I'll ask if confused
School sucks
So coffee is abused

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