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Hi,my name is Elyzha Casaje and I really enjoy riding the bike.
My grandma loves Elvis, absolutely loves Elvis.
She loves him so much that I got a tattoo of him on my body.
The sun is going down because of the beautiful colors.

When I was younger, my mom used to pack me my lunch.
Once I got into highschool, she told me that I had to start doing it.
When I started to pack my own lunch, all I did was pack clementines.
My whole lunch box would just be full of 10 plus clementines.

Ah, to be young. Those were the good days.
But now? These are the great days.
As we move forward in time, we become wiser and with that wisdom..
We become more beautiful, inside and out.


I went to the Philippines this summer and lemme tell ya..
It was quite amazing. One of the best months of my twenty years.
I have been blessed to be born where I was.
With all the opportunity that has been given to me.

One of my favorite parts about the Philippines was that everyone
was so... happy. It was beautiful. The energy was amazing.
Kids would be so happy when my mom and I gave them M&M's.
Even the adults loved it. They all loved it.

I even ended up on Filipino TV. It's Showtime was the name of it.
Very surreal experience, being on Filipino TV. I was fake strumming
a rainbow guitar in front of hundreds of people in the studio.
Hundreds of thousands of people ended up seeing it when it went on TV.
Because the filipinos LOVE It's Showtime.


Honestly, this whole typing thing in this lil whatever this is..
is very fun! I feel so technological. Beep boop beep.
I am a robot. Beep boop. Does anyone actually read this?
If so hello, I am Elyzha Casaje. Or I guess I am the words you are reading

Oh jeez, technology has really come a long way.
Fifty years ago, they would have never guessed of a talking fridge.
Is it not crazy that the significant difference between the 60's and
the 70's was physchedelics? The colors became brighter and the music
became groovier. How cool.

You ever think of that festival Woodstock?
Like.... I wonder what the craziest thing that happened that weekend was..
Those people who attended are now GRANDPARENTS.. that is if they had kids.
But CRAZY stuff, crazy crazy. Someone's grandma was doing drugs in a shady
van. HA, they should interview the people who attended.
And then another interview with their family members. To see what
they think.

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