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Your existence in an organization can set standards, create a culture, or
implement some sort of regularly practiced activity, in which, this can
strike changes in the organization depending on whether or nor these
activities are good for the company or not. A system can be technical
success but an organizational failure because, it can fit the bill for what
is require of the project and what is wanted can be done while using the
system asked by the user.

By making it work in a way that thee customer asked for, it can be
successful. It can also be unsuccessful when the organization has time
constraints, money constraints aand they are not able to be respected by
peers during the project.

Implementation is the installation or release of the project deliverables.
It could be a stated as the development and test environment of the
operation for the betterment of the teams work.


The project that I selected was actually a great project in the beginning,
I learned quickly how to adapt and adjust to what was necessary for the
project to gain some sort of relevance and usefulness. I created this
project because I was really interested personally, and it became
something I found myself interested in from beginning to end.

Along with the project, I found myself kind of picking it up as a hobby,
doing it as a way to fulfill myself, and finding different ways to find
enjoyment in these kinds of activities. What do you find fun for hobbies
and things that you enjoy on a daily basis? List them below.

The most beneficial project I have done, was something I did for fun!
I feel like when you have the ability to do something on your own mindset
and you're able to do it because it is something you fully enjoy and fully
have a heart for, the sky is the limit in your work, and you can either
find yourself fully invested in these kinds of things or finding what work
you do on the daily basis more fulfilling most often!


I find that face to face meetings are more approproate than phone calls or
emails when the project needs information to be shared. The conversations
are necessary to be face to face when they are important, because you can
then see the reaction of the person who you are either convincing or vice
versa on an idea.

The importance I find in the meetings are the different ways that your
message can be heard. I find that face to face meetings are most
effective, while also the least time consuming, like going to school,
online versus, in class teachings are most often very different.

An example of how IT might support meetings:
a. Same time - same place is a face-to-face meeting like an interview or
a projectt meeting
b. Same time - different place is something like a skype call or a phone
conference call.
c. Different time - same place is something like a text message or an
d. Different time - different place is actually the same as different time
same place.

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