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This is my first paragraph to type out in puTTY. This extension
was so irritating to set up because it was actually so simple
but I just love overcomplicating my life. Anyways it's fixed now.
There you go. I really want to go to bed now I've been up for so
long man. I just had a taco it was really good. It was homemade.


Hi File2 here's the next paragraph. Let's actually make these have a
topic, fine. The topic is sleep. I really miss it and it's calling
my name right now. Like it's 10:42pm right now. But I just sat here
and forced myself to figure it out and for the longest time I was so
frustrated because I thought it wasn't working and I was doing somethihng
wrong but turns out I just didnt't refresh the HOL progress page.
Good job.


The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. This sentence
has all the letters of the alphabet inside of it. Wow, before,
I was really trying to overcomplicate this and code too much and
now I finally have the hang of it. Sad.

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