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Ready for war!? The build I'm about to share is not only powerful and
reliable, but it's my unquestioned favorite build in all of Auto Chess.
Why? Because unlike many other common builds in the current meta, this
Warrior-based build demands constant adaptability and on-the-spot decision
making throughout every phase of the game. It is frequently dancing
between a wide variety of bonuses, including the three and six-Warrior
bonuses, the often overlooked Warlock bonus (hence the cheeky name,
"Ready for War"), the Naga bonus, the Undead bonus, and the Beast bonus.
It even has the ability to completely run over opponents in the mid game
with spawn-based heroes in Lycan and Venomancer, punishing those who go
for lose streak strategies by dealing very high amounts of damage, The
optimal team composition for six-Warriors build is constantly changing
as you level up and find new heroes, which makes for a very unique and
entertaining challenge each and every turn.

Doom. He's tanky, he hits like a truck, and he has a very relevant
ability. Doom is the most important and necessary pieces for six
Warrior builds, and an excellent hero to dump your items onto. Along
with Doom, Kunkka is another nesessary piece for six-Warrior builds.
He's the best Warrior to put your magic Resistance (Robe of the Magi)
and Mana generation (Void Stone) items onto, as his boat will usually
be one of the most impactful ultimate abilities on your team. Once he
hits level 2, try to place him in a position where he can soak up damage
in order to quickly charge his ult.

Lycan is an excellent choice for strong Warrior-based teams, as the wolves
he spawns deal additional damage to enemies on their boards. He is also a
Beast, which can help add a significant amount of much-needed DPS to your
tanky Warrior teams when paired with Tusk. A level 2 Lycan should make the
cut in nearly all six-Warrior squads. A big part of what gives six-Warrior
builds their power is the numerous racial bonuses they can assemble.
Unfortunately for Axe, the Orc bonus doesn't do nearly as much for six
Warrior teams as the Beast, Human, or Naga bonuses do. He's great in the
early game, but Axe should be one of the first Warriors you look to sell
off once better options come along.


Juggernaut. Similar to Axe, Juggernaut should be one of the first Warriors
you look to replace in six-Warrior lineups. The DPS from his ultimate
ability is nice, but the Orc bonus is far less relevant in the late game
than the other. Troll Warlord. One of the weaknesses of six-Warrior teams
is their low damage output. A level 2 Troll Warlord can help immensely
with this, especially when he is paired with a Witch Doctor for a
two-Troll bonus to further increase his attack speed. Troll Warlord is
also a great piece to dump your items onto, especially Mask of Madness.

Tusk. His stats and his Walrus Punch ability aren't particularly
impressive, but his Beast tag makes him one of the better Warriors to keep
on your team for the entire game. Axe, Juggernaut, and Tiny are all much
better to sell off than Tusk. Slardar. After Doom and Kunkka, Slardar is
one of the most important Warriors to hang onto, His ability isn't very
strong, but his DPS is solid and his Naga tag is incedibly relevant
against Mage builds.

Tiny. Tiny is one of the weakest of the ten Warriors for six-Warrior
compositions, and almost always the first Warrior I look to sell off. His
ability can often do more harm than good, and his stats don't do nearly
enough to make up for it. Mars. A quick level 2 Mars can do some work in
the early game, but he should be one of the first Warriors you look to
sell off once something better come along. His strength is tanking damage,
but Warrior teams are already good at this and would rather play something
that can deal damage. Don't fall for the God trap with Warrior Builds!


Early Game (levels 1-6)
My favorite part about six-Warrior builds is that there is no "best" way
to build them. In the early game, you cna build into a reliable mid game
six-Warrior power spike regardless of whether you are coming out of a lose
streak, a win streak, or anything in betwee. The only requirement is that
you immediately start the game by snapping up all of the cheap Warriors
you can find (Axe, Tiny, Tusk, Juggernaut, Mars, and Slardar) to build
into a fast three-Warrior bonus. If you try to transition into Warriors
after starting with another bonus (such as Goblins), it will usually be
too difficult to level up your pieces in a timely manner.

The added armor from the Warrior bonus greatly benefits heroes with larger
health pools, which makes the obvious early game objective to level up any
and all Warriors you can find as quickly as possible. IT doesn't really
matter which Warrior it is so long as it has the Warrior tag. If you can't
naturally roll into any upgrade you might want to consider going for a
gamble strategy if you feel comfortable with it. where you don't buy any
experience in the early game while agressively re-rolling for upgrades.
A team filled with level 1 Warriors will lose to most reasonable early
game teams (perfect for a lose streak strategy!), while a team of beefed
up level 2 Warriors will be tough for anything but the most powerful
Goblin starts to handle.

There are ten total Warriors in the game, and six of these cost 2 or less
gold. With a bit of early game re-rolling, you can easily assemble a team
of level 2 Warriors which is capable of carrying you well into the mid and
late game. THe risk you take when going for gamble strategies is that if
you miss your upgrades, you'll have a team which is best suited for a lose
streak but without any of the gold! The reason i find the "War" strategy
to be so fun to play is because there are no hard and fast rules for
deciding when to re-roll in the early game to look for upgrades and go on
win streaks, when to sit back and collect gold on lose streaks, and when
to go for something in between. You'll need to trust your gut when it comes
to these decisions, and learn by trial and error when it is best to be
aggressive and when it is best to play passively.

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