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This is the first time I have done this before. It is very interesting and
I am very excited to learn how to use all of this. It is a little confusing.
Right now, but i know with some practice and study, I can do it. There
are a lot of little knowledge that we need to know, so it is very
important to study and understand what it means. I will try my best to
not stress, I need to understand this is my first time learning how to
use this. Be confident and positive!

The NBA playoff is going on right now. Most teams are in the second round
but there are a couple of games that are in Game 7. Tonight, the Denver
Nuggets and Utah Jazz play today. I believe the Nuggets behind Jamal
Murray are going to win.

NFL Football is coming up and I am very excited. This season is going to
be very different. Obviously because of Covid a lot is going to be
different. There are not going to be any fans and who knows what else is
going to be different.


I just moved in with my great friend Suddy. It is the first time that he is
moving out and this is the second time that I am moving. This semester, I
am finally in the city of Richmond.

I love it here, the environment and the people around just make this
experience amazing. I'm sure Suddy feels the same way, this city just
brings out the best of people.

We are still getting used to everything and the vibes around here and
thank God we have been safe. Covid is here and this limits us very
grately. Sadly, we are not allowed to experience the full college life
but that is okay, I'm not mad about that. Life goes on and I am just
happy I am healthy and happy.


Aye, writing this from florida with love, when I linked with mexico, I
knew I found a plug. Rest in peace to Static, yellin', Shawty want a
thug, ayy Bottles in the club, ayy, know i love to touch. Weezy played
that stuff for me and Kobe on the bus. Went and got a chain for me, I
had to give it up. Dudes had they pistols loaded pointed in my truck, aye
and you know that lesson stuck.

From that day i never touched the road without a plug, aye from that day
i never saw the point in talking tough. Hasn't happened since, i guess
you guys know what's up. Yeah have not left the 6 in like a month, screw
that, i am back baby where the love? Rappers that I threw an alley-oop
are throwing subs. But they gotta dap me when they see me, thats what up.

I could lose it all if I'm reacting to the petty things, Know that if see
you, ima ask you if you said them things, YMB the gang and they down to
stain anything, mmhhmm yeah thats right. Booted up, turnt up, piped up,
plug, Im back baby, where the love? I'm back baby where the love? Now you
know what is up. This is the lyrics to one of Drakes song.

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