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When I was 12yrs in Ghana, my mom sent me my first laptop from the U.S.
That laptop became the most prized possession, not just for me, but also
for the other children in my neighborhood.For many of them, it was the
first time they had ever handled such device. They would all crowd around
about 20 of them, and ask me to demostrate how to use it.


I fell in love with showing my friends how to operate Microsoft Office
and navigate the internet.From then on, I decided that I would work with
computers when I grew older. So, when I came to the United States to
resume my sophomore year in high school.


The Los Angles Lakers are an American professional basketball team based
in Los Angles. The Lakers compete in the National Basketball Association,
as a member of the league's Western Conference in the Pacific Division.
The Lakers play their home games at Staples Center.The Lakers are one of
the most successful teams in the history of the NBA.

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