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The operating System is the software component
of a hardware platform. Operating system's are
compiled for specific CPU's. OS's emerged
in the 1960's. Prior to that they ran jobs
in batches with punchcards or tapes. BIOS is Basic input/output System.
this hardware is typically imbeded in the computer's


mISC & CISC are two major ways or instructions to build CPU's(Central
Processing Units). RISC stands for (Reduced Instruction Set Computers
). CISC stands for (Complex Instructions Set Computers). RISC has three
ranges; Low-end, Mid-range, and High-end. RISC Low-end, costs very
little to produce. RISC Low-end is uaually embeded or IOT. The dowside
it is low performance. RISC Mid-range is used in most small computers
like smartphones and small computers. Most Mid-range CPU's are ARM
or Advanced RISC Machine's. ARM dominates most small compters.
High-end RISC Machines have 64bit, multicore processors.


A computer system or hardware system, is the combination of a CPU
(Central Processing Unit) and and OS (Operating System).
Some common ones are as follows; Intel+Windows10, Intel+Winows Server,
Intel+Red Hat, Intel+ Mac OSX, and ARM+ IOS.
Something to be cognisant of is 'platform dependance'.

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