File1, 2, & 3 for cmoses:


hello class, My name is connor Moses, I am a senior here at VCU.
I am studying information systems and plan to gradute in spring 2020.
Some of my hobbies include running and listening to Taylor Swift.
I looking forward to working with you guys this semester.


Some more intresting information about me is that I am a transfer student from George Mason university.   (106)
I spend 2 years at George Mason and then transfer here to VCU.
Last fall was my first semester here at VCU,
I have really began to enjoy it here at VCU but this Covid situation is certainly making it intresting.   (105)


For File 3 I will talk about growing up here in Richmond Virginia.
I have lived in the central virginia area my whole life.
I attended Atlee high school and now go to VCU.
I truly love Richmond has a city and a place to live and grow up

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