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Each OS has its advantages and disadvantages when it comes to user preference.
Windows is the most widely used OS. Most businesses use a form of Windows.
Mac is the second most popular OS, with ease of access being the core goal  of
the interface. Linux is the least used OS, but the most flexible, with plenty
of functions for developers to fine tune their applications.


My name is Cameron George. I'm a junior at VCU with a major in Information
Systems. When I first applied for transfer to a four year university, the
decision was between George Mason University and VCU. Because I already had a
job here in Richmond, as well as living on my own, I decided to go with VCU,
as to not completely uproot my life. At first, Iwas a little bummed, but I've
grown to love the school and all that it has to offer. I look forward to
finishing my degree here and watching the university grow and expand its


With the release of the new Nvidia 30 series graphics  cards, is it ethical
to continue to charge over $1000 for the older series of cards? Consider that
PC gaming has long been touted as affordable, and a necessity for gamers to
delve into. With current graphics card prices, an up-to-date gaming PC can
easily cost over $2000. With this shift, it is possible that we will see
a change in the perception of consoles being all around inferior to PC gaming.
Unless graphics card providers lower their prices and  stock up to
avoid outages like the Bitcoin explosion, newer graphics card sales could see
a sharp decline in the coming years.

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