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Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse follows the adventures of an Afro-Latino
teenager, Miles Morales, who has been bitten by a radioactive spider in
Brooklyn and joins forces with other Spideys from alternate dimensions.
It's one of the animation surprises of the season: both a box office hit and
a critical favorite (certified 97 percent fresh on Rotten Tomatoes) that has
been collecting awards, even winning best picture from the Utah Film Critics
One reason is the fresh animation style that sets it apart from the year's
other releases. "Spider-Verse" celebrates its print origins with bold graphics
and mainstays of comic-book style, including thought balloons, printed words
and wavy lines to indicate a tingling Spidey Sense.


Having worked at Disney with the Oscar-winning animator Glen Keane
(whose characters include Aladdin, Beast and Tarzan), Persichetti wanted to
borrow ideas from hand-drawn technqiues.
During production, one of their directives was that "if it looks and feels
like something from an animated film, it's not our movie," Persichetti said.
"I think audiences are responding to that because it's something they
haven't seen." One of the producers, Chris Miller (who directed
"The Lego Movie" with Lord), explained that "we tried to avoid anything
that felt like stock animation." We looked at a lot of reference material
and a lot of animators studied themselves in mirros to figure how a kid
like Miles would behave in that moment," Miller said.


But even the most exciting movements become empty exercises if they don't
contribute to our understanding of the cahracters. As he learns to control
his newly aqcuired powers, MIles moves with more skill and confidence.
He's growing into the role of Spider-Man, but he's also growing as an
individual. The joy of his increasing strength and new friendships are
balanced against the sorrow he experiences in his adventures.

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