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They sit or stand in a crowd, many of them young people, spilling over the
end of the Boulevard Saint Michel, this first evening after the fire,
singing hymns. On a table beneath the towering sculpture of Saint Michael
stands a statue of Our Lady - Notre Dame.

"As a French Catholic," say Eloi, 22, "I felt really bad after the fire so
I see this vigil as a way to say that even if the flames destroyed the
cathedral, we can rebuild it because the Church is made not of stones but
is a living body." He believes the cathedral should be remade just the way
it was, as a "prayer to God".

"We are Catholics," he adds, "but all French people - Catholics, Muslims,
atheists - are united around this dsiaster and in the hope it will be


CD Projekt S.A. is a Polish video game publisher and distributor based in
Warsaw, founded in May 1994 by Marcin Iwinski and Michal Kicinski. Iwinski
and Kicinski were video game retailers before they founded the company. CD
Projekt is best known for their "The Witcher" series, developed by their CD
Projekt Red division, and their digital distribution service

The company began translating major Western video-game releases into
Polish, collaborating with Interplay Entertainment for two Baldur's Gate
games. CD Projekt was working on the PC version of "Baldur's Gate: Dark
Alliance" when Interplay experience financial difficulties. The game was
cancelled and the company decided to reuse code for their own video game.
It became "The Witcher", a video game based on the works of Andrzej

After the release of "The Witcher", CD Projekt worked on a console port
called "The Withcer: White Wolf", but development issues and increasing
costs almost led the company to the brink of bankruptcy. CD Projekt later
released "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings" in 2011 and "The Witcher 3:
Wild Hunt", in 2015 with the latter winning various Game of the Year
awards. The companys upcoming project is "Cyberpunk 2077", an open-world
role-playing game based on the Cyberpunk 2020 tabletop game system, for
which it opened a new division in Wroclaw.


In March, House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and
Representative David Cicilline, who chairs a panel overseeing antitrust
issues, asked the White House and Justice Department to turn over records
after The New Yorker magazine reported Trump directed then-National
Economic Council Director Gary Cohn to use the Department to block the

The pair wrote that if accurate, Trump's involvement would "constitute a
grave abuse of power" In February, a federal appeals court upheld a
lower-court ruling rejecting a Justice Department challenge to the deal
filed in November 2017.

Trump criticized the deal as a candidate in late 2016, saying it would
concentrate too much media power in the hands of one owner, and later
saying it would raise prices. He has also frequently attacked CNN, a Time
Warner property now owned by AT&T, for what he sees as negative coverage of
his campaign and administration.

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