File1, 2, & 3 for bsalter:



I am currently a junior at Virgina Commonwealth University majoring in
Infromation systems. I graduated from Tallwood High School with an
Advanced Studies Diploma. I completed the Cisco Networking Academy at
the Advanced Technolgy Center.
I earnned my Cisco Certified Associate in Routing and Swithing. I need to
work on getting my cert again.
I currently work at Westminster Canterbury Richmond working in IT. I have
worked there for over a year.


This is a file. That contains some data mostly nothing is here but there could
be some data

Here is some:
1 yellow
5 red

But what is the meaning of this??? Nothing. But it is data.


This is my thrid file. Does this contain anything? Let's see:

I like pie. Pecan is good. How do you say pecan "Pe-Can or Pe-Con" I say the
first option.

But unless you're looking up pecan pie then there is not much data here.

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