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Define Anti-virus

Antivirus software is a type of program designed and developed to protect
computers from malware like viruses, computer worms spyware, botnets,
rootkits, keyloggers and such. Antivrus programs function to scan, detect and
remove viruses from your computer. There are many versions and types of anti
-virus programs that are on the market. However, the prime objectives of any
antivirus program is to protect computers and remove viruses once detected.

Most anti-virus programs incorporate both automated and manual filtering
abilities. The instant scanning option may check files - download from the
Internet, discs that are embedded into the PC, and files that are made by
software installers. The programmed scanning process may likewise check the
entire hard drive on a day-to-day basis. The manual scanning system enables
you to check single documents or even to scan the complete network at whatever
point you feel it is necessary.

Antivirus must continually be refreshing and updating, since new infections
evolve everyday. While antivirus software is basically intended to ensure
complete protection for PCs against virus infections, numerous antivirus
programs now secure against different sorts of malware - for example: spyware,
adware, and rootkits as well. Antivirus software may likewise include firewalls
features, which anticipate unapproved access to your PC. Utilities that
incorporate both antivirus and firewall abilities are commonly called
"Internet Security Suite".


You owe it to yourself to be great

You owe it to yourself to be great. You owe it to yourself. Some say that's
selfish. Some might say they owe it to their family to be there for them...Let
me tell you something: You owe it to your family to SET AN EXAMPLE. An example
of someone who lives the life they want to live. A STRONG EXAMPLE of a strong
human being. You owe it to everyone you love to set an example of what a GREAT
LIFE looks like. So they can follow in your footsteps. Settling for less. IT
STOPS WITH YOU! Strength. Courage. Determination and a beautiful life...that
starts with you! You can't help anyone until you help yourself. And when you
make you strong...that strength will spill over to everyone else. They will be
inspired by you, they will follow your example. Some say to focus on yourself
is selfish. I say, to settle for a mediocre life you hate is selfish! Because
that will be replicated for many generations to come...until someone says
enough is enough. I AM MORE THAN THIS.

You owe it to yourself to see how far you can go in life. You owe it to
yourself to earn the kind of money you want to earn. You owe it to yourself to
BE the kind of person you want to be. To FEEL the energy you want to feel. To
have the body you want to have from doing the WORK YOU KNOW YOU ARE CAPABLE of
doing. You owe it to yourself to feel the PRIDE of knowing YOU MADE your life.
You didn't get lucky. You worked for it. You sacrificed. When it was hard YOU
PUSHED HARDER. You owe it to yourself to look back one day and say THAT WAS THE
MOMENT. That was the moment I decided NO MORE. That was the moment I decided NO
EXCUSES. That was the moment I said NEVER AGAIN. You owe it to yourself, no one
else. Do it for you. You owe yourself that much. You owe yourself to be great.
You it to yourself.


Best Antivirus Softwares

Choosing the best antivirus software for your computer can be daunting task,
due to all the criteria you have to take into consideration, You may want a
basic security solution for your PC or laptop or a highly advanced protection
system for the entire family, capable of protecting not only against viruses,
but also against hacker attacks and fraud. If you cannot decide on a particular
brand, this would help.

--Rated the #1 best antivirus software of 2019, provides excellent virus
protection, an extensive list of features and minimum impact on system

--Highly accurate security solution for all of your computers and devices.

3.Norton by Symantec
--High-accuracy, low-impact antivirus with online backup capabilities.

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