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There are seven species of sea turtles, which are marine repetiles.
Six of the seven species are found in US waters,not including flatback.
The flatback turtle is only found in the Western Indo Pacific.
Most of their lives are spent at sea, with some speicies diving 3000 feet.
Returning to the shore to lay eggs after making long journeys.

Their existence remains a mystery to many due to their time in water.
All can be accounted for since the majority of their time is not on land.
The six known species are all recognized as endangered.
In order to see future generations of turtles, we must act now.
Let our future generations enjoy these beautiful reptiles.

Sea turle conservation has been a great success around the world.
Communites make an effort by not hanging lights during holidays.
Another way they are making efforts is by having better fish net placements.
With these efforts we see more sea turtles surving out in the wild.
Make a difference and do your part in saving these beautiful creatures.


Giraffes are very beautiful creatures. Most commonly seen at the local zoo.
These mammals are originally from Africa and are the tallest land animals.
They have long legs and irregular brown patches on a light background.
Fun fact, males are known as bulls and females are called cows.
Their height can easily exceed 5.5 meters for males and 4.5 for females.

Giraffes grow to their full height by four years of age.
However, they dont gain weight until they are seven or sometimes at eight.
Both sexes have a pair of horns, but the males have bony protuberances.
Large muscles support the neck, which attach to long spines and vertebrae.
Thick walled arteries in the neck have extra valves to counteract gravity.
A combination of muscles and arteries make up thier neck strength.

Giraffes pefer to eat new shoots and leaves, in the zoo they eat pellets.
Cows in particular select high energy low fibre items.
Large males consume about 65 kg or 145 pound of food per day.
They obtain most of their water intake through the food they consume.
During dry season, they will consume water every 3 days.
Giraffes are very gorgeous and intriguing creatures to learn and preserve.


Lions are the only cats that live in groups called prides.
These are family units that may include 3 males, many females and young.
The lionesses from each pride are related to each other.
Young remain with typically remain in the pride they grew up with.
However, young males will eventually leave to create their own prides.

The impressive fringe of long hair, a male lions mane is their whole pride.
Males defend their prides territory up to 100 square miles of grasslands.
Marking their territory with urine, roar from intruders is very common.
Males protect while the females of the pride are the hunters.
Their prey are usually antelopes, zebras, wildbeest and other pride cubs.
Lions can be defeated by prey only through the means of team work.

The group effort often degenerates to squabbling over sharing kill.
Cubs remain at the bottom of the pecking order, after bull and cows.
After cubs become a year old, they are able to join the cows in hungting.
Lions will hunt alone if needed or result to stealing prey from others.
These creatures emcompass strength and courage, yet now numbers decreased.
They once roamed most of Africa and parts of Asia and Europe.
Now they are found only in sub Saharan Africa.
Zoos have tried their best effort for conservation.
We also need to help with this huge effort to ensure generations of lions.

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