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Hello my name is Bradley.I am a info system major. I am from manassas va
I grew up in manassas basically. I moved there in fifth grade.
I went to Ellis Elementary School for one year.
Then I attended Stonewall Middle School. I was on the soccer team.
I never stopped playing soccer sincce then. I was captain in high school.
My favortie soccer team is Chelsea Footbal Club. They play in London.
I picked them to be my favortie team because I like the color blue.
I remember watching them win the champions league in 2012 in Munic.
Didier Drogba scored the winning penalty to end the game.He is a legend.
Once upon a time I put new forgiatos on the jeep.
I was in the trenches until I had bloody bottoms underneath.
All my brothers got it out the streets. I keep a hundred thousand in my
jeans. I remember going to the mall with the whole team. I am balling


I know everything, I know myself. I know morality, spirtuality, good and
bad health. I know fatality might haunt you. I know everything.
I know street stuff. I know stuff thats conscious, I know everything.
I know lawyers, advertisement and their sponsers. I know wisdom, I know
bad religion, I know good karma. I know everything, I know history.
I know the universe works mentally. I know if I'm generous at heart, I
don't need recognition. The way I'm rewarded, well that's God's decision.
I know you Know that lines from Compton School District.
I know how people work, I know the price of life.
I know how much its worth. I know what I know and I know it well.
Make a new list, of everything you thought was progress and that was
nonsense, I mean your life is full of turmoil.
You are spolied by fantasies of who you are. I feel bad for you.
I can attempt to elighten you without frightenin' you.
If you resist, I'll back off quick go catch a flight or two.


The Dark Web is the World Wide Web content that exists on darknet.
The dark web forms a small part of the deep web. This part of the web
is not indexed by web search engines. The dark web consist of private
communications, illegal information, drug trafficking sites, TOR sites.
When you access the dark web, you are not surfing the interconnected
servers you regularly interact with. Dark web websites addresses end with
.onion instead of .com, .gov or .org.
You can safely surf the dark web by keeping your Tor browser updatded.
Do not use your regular email on Tor websites. It is best to remain

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