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Digital Video Recorder or DVR was first introduced in 1999 by ReplayTV and
TiVo. The DVR allows you to record your TV shows, movies, and documentaries.
Not only can you record your favorite shows but you can also rewind,
fastforwwrd, and pause them. This invention was a revolution is the consumers
TV watching expierence.

TiVo was one of the initial companies to introduce the DVR. Created by Jim
Barton and Mike Ramsay in 1998 TiVo was originally named "Teleworld". This
device records digitized video onto a hard disk for a user to watch at their
convience. TiVo became a household name in the years to come because of the
revolutionary DVR technology.

Freevo is an open source HTPC media centre. It is rather new and only created
in 2002 by Kirster Lagerstrom. It integrates PVR/DVR functionality, is written
in python, and is primarily aimed at the Linux platform.


The DVR was a revolutionary technology when it was introduced. Due to companies
such as TiVo and ReplayTV the DVR became one of the most common devices found
in American homes. Since then the DVR is still very common however it is
almost soley bought through TiVo o a similar company because to buy a set-top
DVR is difficault and time consuming to set up. With a Satellite or Cable
subscription the DVR is much easier to get.

TiVo became a household name very fast with the DVR invention. However, with
the increase in streaming services such a Netflix, Hulu, and HBO less and
less people pay for a cable and as such, less and less pay for TiVo. In
order for TiVo to stay afloat they have turned their marketing towards an
older generation with devices such a remote controls with larger fonts and

Freevo is very new and has been ever changing and evolving since its first
release in 2002. With new version dowloadables and a new App this company may
be young but has recognized how important is to always be ahead of the curve
when it comes to being a part of a Technological field.


All in all the DVR was an instrumental technoligical development for the
entertainment industry. The technology behind is still useful today and
is being is the foundation for many more advancements within television
watching and entertainment in gerneral. ReplayTV and TiVo created a service
that transcended economic and social boundries and brought many family and
friends together.

TiVo was the creator of a revolutionary device, However if they are not able
to keep advancing their technology and find more products and services to
invest in they will not be around much longer. There is talk of TiVo's interest
in a new over-the-air digital broadcasting standard. If rumors are true this
could create a new opening for TiVo in the ever changing technological

Freevo is hitting 17 years old in May. Closing in on their 20 year mark, all
the advancements and innovation their company has already seen shows promise
for their future. A successful launch of their new App opens a world of
opportunties for them including a new and larger customer base. Freevo's
pairing of streaming services and DVR technology sets them apart from other
services and will bode well for them in the future.

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